Once the class rebalancing phase is over, PLEASE take a look at the talents!

The current way that the talents are balanced is just awful.

With the way they are right now, it is a case of “this one better than that one.”
If the bad talents were buffed to… usability… there would be actual variety in the classes themselves, as opposed to just “a variety of classes,” making the game overall more complex in the later side of progression, giving the late-game players what they (probably) want: variety.

The closest thing to a well balanced set of talents (as far as I can tell) is the paladin. I know that the “damage” side is better overall (I think) but the “support” side is a valid choice as well, allowing people to play the paladin in a less optimal, but different way!

The current state of talents is overall negative towards newer players, due to there being quite a few options, and it usually ends up being overwhelming / confusing towards new players.

If you need an example, just look at me! When I started the game (warrior,) I eventually discovered
the “talents” page. I felt confusion, but also excitement. Confusion because “oh dear lord that’s a lot of text,” and excitement because “yoooo there’s 2 flavors of warrior? epic” And later on I discovered that all that supposed extra variety in the class was a huge lie, as only 1 of those talents are actual choices.

Inconveniently placed TL;DR:
The current state of talents make the game overcomplicated for new players, and disappointingly simple for late-game players. Gaben plz fix.

I’d personally like to see more talents like the Paladin’s heal side or Rapid vs Precision for Rangers.

Unfortunately, most people do not consider Paladin support valid.
I’d love to see Paladin support improved (it is currently kind of buggy and it can’t deal with poison effects well so they’d need a runemage that can cure).

I’d love to see, for example, the dps side of Warriors actually viable. Or, if they want Warriors to be a more pure tank, have a different style of tanking as a second talent set.

I’d love to see the Musketeer DPS as a viable option in endgame raids and dungeons outside of weird groups.

Scoundrels seem fine with their talents for the most part (or I’d suggest a healing path or tanking path).

Bards are kind of already a jack of all trades, so not sure if their talents need changing.

Runemages could probably use a change. I’ve suggested having a more precision or ritual based talent set, but maybe give them a healing option where their mana shield heals allies every 15 perfect casts or something. Maybe even an option that changes all of their spells.

Basically, would like to see talents that are actually viable instead of “pick these because they are better”.

I’d love to see each class have two distinct paths. Ranger, now with the DPS patch, is in a great place regarding Precision vs Rapidity (although testing has shown that charging arrows with Rapidity is a net loss in DPS, which is another issue entirely).

Something that would be cool is

Musketeer: Full healing path vs damage focused path
Bard: Healing vs DPS path
Warrior: Tank vs DPS
Paladin: Tank vs Healer
Shaman: Support (hello shield totem and longer stuns!) vs DPS

Stuff like that. With Bard being relooked at soon I’m going to push for a DPS talent side and Healing talent side to try and give more customization. Not only does this mean that there will be two viable paths for classes, but people can finally get to try a melee DPS.


Yeah, I really would like each class to have two distinct paths that are both viable. Shaman might be a bit harder to revamp into a healer (or tank) as well as Ranger (since Ranger already has two paths). It would be nice though if we could see some more options for Shaman.

CC/support shaman would be cool. Having longer stuns, a stronger/faster respawn shield totem, a better directed hex totem.

I’m making a BUNCH of notes and things I’d like to see, and this is definitely on the list :slight_smile:

Maybe a throwable hex instead…

A shield totem that regen heals instead of shielding, maybe?

Yess but also what does CC mean. I play shaman and the shield totem is really good but it doesn’t seem that viable maybe it could be run as a healer if shield totem gave the healing effect like musketeers renew orb or give shaman another healing totem.

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Hahaha, we thought the same thing about the shield totem.

CC means Crowd Control. Things like stun or slow or damage reduction or other debuffs usually.

CC meaning Crowd Control. A buddy and I were testing the not damaging stun orb talent and looking at things like Sticky rings to see how effective we could build a stun lock as a shaman.

Shield totem currently blocks a respectable amount of damage (26k vs Musketeer 45k and Bard 6k for their respective shield abilities) with about 50% up time which is CRAZY. A support shaman would definitely be fun and ties in with the class very well.

yeah and thank you yeah maybe if they were focused more on actually like dealing de-buffs and buffs. Imagine if they were given a weakens orb totem and it would be just as strong or maybe a bit stronger than affliction 2. it would be on a long cooldown for the orb to respawn but also there could be other debuffs and maybe a totem that bursts strength buffs would be cool. Shaman is a really unique class and there is so much they could do with it.

I used to run the long stuns but during a raid the tank was getting upset that it ruined how long he knew a stun should last so I switched for him and more dps. But yeah the shield totem is pretty awesome. When I was a low level I would fight high level mobs using that so I wouldn’t die. It would take longer but I’d live

Was that uptime with or without the “double duration totems” talent? For the most part double duration is pointless as you’re always moving/faffing about in dungeons and what not, but double duration shield totem might be kinda handy in some niche scenarios.