One time appearance change not really informed :S

Hey accidentally changed my appearance.
Could not find any support page to putt this through so putting it her.
Logged on after not playing since early assess or beta (not 100% what it was).
in sted of login i got inn to change appearance. Looked it over and thought ah cool they added so you just can change it at will :smiley:. Did not see anywhere there was that is said this was a one time thing. Wanted to se what my character would look like bald. Pressed that and poooof bald and suddenly out of the change character screen. And now the choice to change appearance is gone. Read later this was a onetime thing!:sweat: Why can i only change one aspect one time for this? If i was bald i wanted to have a beard to but did not even get change anything else… Would rather have my appearance reset before the bald indecent. The avatar i have in game now is a abomination :sleepy:

Go to the Odds and Ends shop in lower Highsteppe. You can buy a barber token which allows you to change your appearance. I do this once a week or so to look as hideous as possible.

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Ah sweet thank you for the information ^^

10 000 Dram! That seem expensive for a mistake because of lack of information. only got 900 :confounded:
If a developer or something could just reset it to what it was before that mistake. If i was to change my appearance i would like to do it for more than just the hair as it did for me. Was that a bug or are you supposed to be available to change more than just one thing before getting thrown out?

you can change everything.

Hi, sorry for the frustration - we gave the free reset to everyone when Reborn came out and that was a long time ago so definitely normal to not have known about it.

To answer your question, you can change as many things as you want but once you select confirm you’re done.

I will check and see if we are still able to grant an appearance reset, but the system changed a lot when we added the way to reset it from the Odds N Ends shop so I’m not sure if that’s possible anymore.
Worst case, you could wear a hat/helmet and your hairstyle choice won’t be really visible, until you get the dram for a reset.

Find me in game and I’ll donate 10k to offset the cost.

We should be able to grant you the reset, just let us know your character name.

Sorry for late replay was the one arranging a short get together.
EÔS is the character name. Only character i got and shuld be connected to this acc if im not wrong.
Thanks you very much for the help! :grin:

Should be available now.

Yep see it now.
Thanks then i can see if i find the hair i used to use :slightly_smiling_face:
Again thanks for the help. Love the game and what you manged to do in a VR mmorpg :grinning: