Open Alpha Preview Night Feedback Thread

The Open Alpha Preview Night will begin tonight at 8 PM US Central Time and last for 2 hours. It’s open to anyone who was able to play during the last Closed Alpha test (so basically, Epic Founder and Founder backers).

The goal of the preview night is to test out the new build and help us track down any bugs that might have been introduced so we can fix them before the Open Alpha officially begins tomorrow morning. Be prepared for bugs, downtime, and more as I intend to stress the system to we can get a feel for what tomorrow might be like. Thanks for your help and patience!

In particular, if there are folks who are going to be able to join us tonight who were consistently getting the “Infinite Loading Screen” bug last test, I would be very grateful if you would let me know what the status of that is for you (not occurring anymore, still occurring frequently, still occurring sometimes). Thanks!

If you need to download the launcher, you can do so here:

Note: The launcher will currently not let you download the game unless you are able to participate in the Preview Night. Once the Preview Night has concluded, the download will become enabled for everyone.

The patch will be available to download in approximately 10 minutes. You can download it using the same Launcher that you used during the last test.

Patch Notes are now updated on the Wiki as well:

In about 10 minutes there will be a small patch coming out with a couple more bugfixes before we kick things off tonight. Sorry for the last-minute changes, but I was actually glad I caught this as I think it should save everyone some crashing headaches later. Thanks!

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We are going to be slightly delayed getting started tonight, my apologies. We’ve just discovered a really nasty networking bug I accidentally introduced earlier today, so I need to put out a small patch to fix it. Should be about 15 minutes, then I’ll turn things on. Thanks for your patience.

The servers are online now. Be sure you have gotten the latest patch (sorry, it was a big one) before you hop in, otherwise you will have really choppy voice chat.

Fishing line still won’t turn red/break.

Really? That’s crazy, I tested it earlier and it seemed to be working. Okay.

I asked Sour because he was fishing a lot. Said his first catch didn’t turn red but all the others did.
When you transition to the orchard zone the dragons get stuck at head level.

They get stuck and then eventually teleport to you, or…?

They act completely normal, just stuck (only referring to the height they are at) at head level haha great new perspective to see them.

Okay, we’re done with the preview night! Thanks so much everyone for helping us out and getting us ready for tomorrow. See you then!

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How long will the open alpha be for and what time does it start?

It starts tomorrow at 12 PM Noon US Central Time, so about…13.5 hours from now? It lasts 60 hours (until Sunday night).

There is another patch out just now that we’ve released with a few bug fixes based on the results of the preview night. This should hopefully be the last patch before the test tomorrow. In addition, the download is now enabled for everyone. Thanks!