Open Alpha Test?

@Riley_D have you decided whether or not you are going to wipe characters before open alpha?

I haven’t. I’ll probably wait to make that decision until after the next test when I see what new content is going to be in the Alpha.

I really hope you don’t. That will depend on how much I will farm for next 2 tests.

I vote no wipe before open alpha. It would be really cool to show new people around in our gear and let them use some of our cool potions. :smile:


I agree, no wipe please

I vote no wipe as well. I’d enjoy showing potential backers what future content could look like. Sharing potions (and maybe artificing depending on the schedule ) could really impress some people and showing off the cool armor is a sure way to catch the ‘cosmetically inclined’ crowd.

Having a level 12 decked out character offering advice and answering questions also gives more credibility that we know what we’re talking about.

I don’t know about other alpha testers but one of my goals for open alpha is to help the newbs and make them feel welcome, not confused, alone, and overwhelmed by everything the game offers.

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I further back the no wipe for open alpha wait for the closed beta please ^.^ is rather be more helpful to others and show off some of the goodies for those who won’t make it the whole way. It will be like someone just starting the game after servers been up for a few weeks.


Obligatory support post.

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And you couldn’t achieve that by starting at the same level with the beginners? If you already got everything, you are not going to follow them around and explore with them. Also you will be overwhelming them with all the stuff you already got lol. The opposite you try to achieve.

I’m not going to follow them around. I’m going to stay in highsteppe and help them with things the tutorial didn’t fully explain and answer questions related to the state of the game

I didn’t mean to imply that this was going to be a vote, haha.

If we do a wipe, it will likely be a partial wipe and it will be because it’s necessary to clear out old data that’s no longer compatible with new systems we’re working on. That’s the same reason we’ve always done them. If it’s not necessary, I won’t do it, but as the game architecture is still rapidly evolving I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point between now and then at least some parts of the character (e.g. quest progress) get wiped.


I vote for what Riley said :wink:

Along this same line of thinking, would it be possible to get a second character slot opened up? I was demoing the game to some friends who don’t have a VR setup and it would have been nice to be able to let them start fresh without wiping my own character. It would likewise be nice to have the option of restarting to adventure with someone we meet in game without losing our progress on our main characters.

What I’ll probably do is make it to where you have your one “established” character going into the Open Alpha that won’t be wiped after the Alpha is over, and then open up an additional slot that is the same as a regular Open Alpha character that will be wiped. So if you want to start over or demo it you can use that slot.


At the very least I’d like to keep the class levels I’ve worked on so I don’t have to grind back up again. I don’t mind if you wipe everything else. Also, I’m sure most of us have classes that could still be leveled, anyway.

Thanks for letting us have input!