Option to change push-to-talk hand

Currently the push to talk option replaces the right hand menu button with no way of changing it in-game. For me this is very unnatural since I’m so used to opening the menu with my right hand. So much so that I didn’t use it at all until meta allowed for remapping of controls so I could have push to talk on left hand and menu on right. Remapping outside of orbus is not great tho since(for meta remapping anyway) it’s system wide, so it’ll also apply to other games.

There is more reason to want it this way other than me being unwilling to change my habits tho, like when playing mage(right handed) you’ll have to move your thumb away from the casting button to use push to talk, which is not ideal in the middle of a fight.

So could we please have an option to change which hand the push to talk button is on?


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