Option to Disable Ultimate for Runemage

Hello, please add an option to disable the runemage ultimate. It is not good and often times runemage becomes unable to cast and the only way to fix it is to squeeze both triggers. In doing so the useless ultimate is triggered and then the animation causes the player to be unable to cast for a few seconds. It is an awful experience. I don’t expect that the bug that prevents casting will ever be resolved so please let me disable the ultimate. Thank you.


Or make the ultimate actually useful…


an idea i have is ranger 2.0. just increase damage for x amount of time. maybe spell speed because why not?


That sounds great but also more to implement. Then there’s the issue that not everyone will agree with it for [insert balance complaint(not sure but probably)]. I hoped it would be easier for the devs just to provide an option to players if they want to disable it so it will just not trigger at all since it only hinders gameplay for runemages in its current state. I imagine it would also be easier to implement than fixing the bug where drawing breaks. Please just give us an option to disable it so that the ultimate cannot be triggered. Then we can discuss the idea of modifying it to something more useful.


another suggestion for mage super that’s like this: make the super required to cast triplicity/contamination, and remove the lightning spell. it would make the super cooler, and would fix the annoying activation on accident since it would be required to do the ritual

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Eh, except for the fact that both Triplicity and Contamination are dps losses, and only used sometimes for start of combat. Since your super will almost never be ready at the start of a raid, it will remove the only use for triplicity and contamination, make the super useless, and we end where we started.

It would be fine if it didn’t prevent you from casting after activating it. Changing it to a normal-ranged projectile might fix all our issues with it, and make it even see play here and there.

On the other hand, the ray part that is responsible for locking up your casting is actually fun, firing it in a group of monsters for massive damage feels great. Maybe you could mimic that with an AoE super, similar to Arcane Explosion.

It would definitely be a buff to mage, and I think we all agree that that’s the last thing the class needs. But maybe it would not even be that noticeable, the super’s damage is equivalent to like 4 fireballs anyway.

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For cindy Swap off and on runemage in between attempts.

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