Optional original class start-over at Reborn launch


I know many people do want to keep their level when transitioning to Reborn, and many are interested in the new classes and so would have an option to start from level 1. I’m only interested in staying/being runemage and have never bothered with alts. I think it’s neat and useful for others, but not my cup of tea even though it makes me less versatile. (This isn’t a complaint at all on the other classes, although if shaman could somewhat choose the form of the ghost animal, like wolf vs large feline vs bear vs giant bird of prey vs komodo dragon, I’d be sorely tempted to have a ghost lion/tiger/lynx).
At Reborn launch, instead of deleting my character to start over, I was wondering if it’s possible/feasible to have a way to set my runemage back to level 1, for an optional way that anyone who wanted to start over on a favorite class without deleting could (like for others with leveled alts, not have to re-do all of them, just start over on their favorite if they wanted). That way I’d still have my inventory and not need to re-form or rebuild my guild status. Okay if not, but I wanted to see.