Orb not showing back up

sorry guys forgot to tell you guys about this earlier but sometimes when i’d be playing as musketeer the weaken orb would sometimes not show back up after using it. i’d have to unequip it then reequip it for it to show back up. just a heads up before the big day comes!!

I have had this happen as well for many of my orbs including poison, weaken, and healing orbs. What seems to be the cause is sometimes when shooting an orb it will ‘go through’ the target despite being a dead-on shot.

For example if I shoot an enemy with poison orb it will go directly through them and into the distance, the target won’t get poisoned and my poison orb will never come back unless I un-equip and re-equip it after combat.

The same has happened with healing orbs going through the ground (I can hear them shooting off into the distance underground). I don’t get healed and I will not get the orb back until I re-equip.

This probably happens say 1 in 75-100 orbs or so which doesn’t sound like much, but usually when it happens I die as a result of lack of healing.

I can confirm this has been happening to me as well. Usually happens to one orb and not the same orb every time. I have to put my gun away and pull it back out for the orb to show up. Such an elusive bug.

I will also confirm that i am having the exact same problem as sour and doing the same thing to fix it

Is it happening more in a certian zone, or after a certian enemy? or after you open steam dash? anything in common between the three of you when it happens?

That’s the problem as far as I can tell it’s 100% random I have had it happen in all zones and different enemies sometimes it’s like every couple minutes then other times won’t happen for an entire day it does seem to happen more when I’m fighting multiple enemies but that also could be because I’m shooting more orbs then on average I would say it has nothing to do with the steam dashboard

Its most noticeable when I use my ultimate and the orb is the only one that doesn’t show up.

Sadly it has happened in all different zones, different enemies, and not only after I’ve opened steam dash.

It’s been happening to me as well, I just fight mobs and orbs start disappearing. Reequiping the weapons seems to be hit and miss on fixing it.

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