Orbus 2nd Anniversary Login Rewards Dec 13-15

Hey folks, with today’s update you might notice a mention on the community billboard about our OrbusVR Second Year Anniversary login rewards - we should have a blog post talking more about the anniversary later this month, but figured I should mention this since you might have some questions after seeing that.

If you login any time Friday, Saturday or Sunday December 13-15th, you’ll automatically receive an achievement and be able to acquire a special anniversary cape and cake furniture from the Rewards NPC in Highsteppe!

This is tied to your account, so you only need to login once and you can even claim these on new characters you create later. We super appreciate your support for the last two years, and happy celebrating!


Is it edible? :drooling_face:

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I wish! But then my armour wouldn’t fit me anymore.

The cakes a lie!


you guys are funny i can make a orbus cake if you want :rofl::grin:


@Mathieu_D what kind of cake you like

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I’ll be honest I’m such a sugar bug that I really mostly care about the icing. :rofl:


i try to make a cookie or a small cake with a orbus design


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