Orbus beta 6 Random bug reports

  • if quests are 5 levels below you you get the same amount of xp from gold silver and bronze

  • if you get killed in combat and reawaken, the monster will sometimes run to the graveyard where you spawn. This bugs out some quests.

  • mage spells tend to turn invisible for everyone but the caster. Paladin hammer and shaman orbs are the same.

  • there is no cool down on hammer of retribution. This means you can out-dps a rapidity ranger at range, as long as he hits you and keeps filling your orbs.

  • player hitboxes seem strange. When playing with laghing coffin some of the hitboxes wer litterly under the ground. I had to stick down my arm to hit it. I don’t know if it’s room-setup or offsetting but it is buggy as hell . Should be the entire visible avatar that you can hit.

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Great, I also got a little list with random problems and bugs not fixed yet afais…

  • General Settings: Despite turning all tutorial stuff off in settings, on each new login I see big tutorial-animations on the walls of my player-house, plus Ithecac-Potion-View (rune etc. …); this only happens if I log out inside the house
  • Randomly my graphic settings are switched to ultra instead of low (same bug in original Orbus)
  • Fishing lure table: Pretty often the lure becomes un-responsible, only leaving the house and re-entering works to be able to craft more lures (same bug in original Orbus)
  • Transmog Chest: most of the time I am not able to move the Scroll Bar
  • Got 2 inactive Quests with progress from last week, not able to turn those in or cancel/delete - Edit: FIXED could turn them in now
  • Some Items in Inventory are not deletable (for example: old house keys, fishing lure 1)
  • Mobs:
    a) Elite Tear Wizards near Crystal Cave sometimes get stuck, health bar resets when shot once; Bolster does nothing (probably Event-Skill?),
    b) Pistol Scavs in Wastelands often just stand there, shooting the ground,
    c) respawn of void-general mobs in lamavora should be looked into; had to kill like 20 void caster before a void minion respawned,
    d) Lamavora: “Tear”-Mobs are porting too close, right into my player model
  • Crafting/Sticky Items: Once the vial to finish a potion got stuck on my hand and I created ruined potions, unwillingly

Dragon Races (not all bugs, but personal feedback since by now I’m ok with all the rest):

  • Bronze time in Sewers and Scavs Revenge is set to 6:40
  • Not able to reach Gold times: Second Chance, Water Slide
  • Fail or not able to reach Bronze times: Mouse Trap (…), Racing Ruins (rotating things), Sky High (parts are too steep to reach or turning black, rotating ‘blue’ barely visible, seems to randomly kick you out), Swamp Smash (last tunnel too steep, always turns/black kicks me out)

As for times in general, if gold time is reached by the top 10 ‘just so’ (and often by flying routes definitly not intended) then a large portion of players won’t reach them, at all.

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That is probably when you have your menu on the tab “Graphics” and scrolled down, when you press the other tab afterwards it switches from Low to Ultra because the ultra setting is on the same position as the “General” tab (but hidden behind it). I know super stupid :roll_eyes:

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This bug happens when you throw/put the ingredient on the hook before the smoke effect from crafting one has fully disappeared, other than leaving the house you can also add in a second or third ingredient, or slow down when making them to stop it from happening

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  • Reborn’s most dangerous bridge - I always crash through the bridge which is next to the swamp smash race (running towards it, facing the ranking table), riding the fluffy cloud mount

I don’t have that issue on cloud mount at all.

I tried to replicate it, it seems to only happen sometimes but I crashed at least 3 times at that very spot, need to port “up” onto the bridge again, each time likely having autorun on (and it’s only spot in the world where it happens).

Not quite how that move works, hammer of retribution consumes 2 orbs. For 2 orbs, it does a 3-4K less than 2 regular hammer swings, making it pretty weak comparatively. Maybe if it didn’t consume orbs it would be good dps, but as it is now paladin is no where near any other dps class, as it should as a tank(pls give us a warrior small shield equivalent for soloing). In pve, 2 orbs is the equivalent of 1 hammer raise, or 2 boss hits, which if u do the math is no where near the amount of dps of any other dps class
If your talking about pvp, most people think 1 attack taken = 1 orb, but that’s not true, it’s about the damage of the hit. One rapidity arrow gives me 0 orbs. 1 charged piercing gives me around 3 orbs, and takes about 75% of my health

I was standing still, hammer pointed at people and monsters one by one and killing them of, then offing the ranger. Verry amusing, but not really fair. Looked to be a rapidity ranger, even mashing the button my orbs kept going up again, might have bin the poison or affixes from a mage, can’t see the spells after all.
I was close to dying at one point, but I probably fired off 15 hammer shots before that.

This was open world, not battlegrounds.

I saw a few other reports of this exact place also Ill add it to my list, can you take a screenshot of the place it happened so im looking at the exact right spot

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It is this place, not sure which of the 2 marked spots:

And I just fell through another bridge, Coords:
[Combat] Current world position: -1144.529,-330.1639 in Flooded Rainforest

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2 bugs to report, one my warrior sword is not showing up but i do have it just no icon, its a T2 sword but has a skin on it and its not showing up in the reborn game, and my Healer the orb does not switch mode by shaking it any more…

It got changed on a QoL update so you just need go hold it and press trigger to change it rather than breaking your wrist trying to shake it, it will also remember if its attack or healing mode between logging out and back in now

Forcing you to hold the page in the middle makes it a bit hard to read

We have twins!

If you kill something under a tree the bag can get very hard to get to. (check the tree behind me)

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It happens with the arches too

sorceress not respawning

I agree! Once a time is claimed, if someone makes a similar time, does their name overwrite or push down an existing name?
I tend to walk by the dragon races and see the same names, of course this might just be during the beta, but at a fairly early time in the game the leader boards will be set as there is very little wiggle room to do runs faster as there are currently no dragon ability boosts, other than course rings, that affect flying.
I would think that a speed boost might be applied to the dragon if both wings go through a ring versus one or one for flying “perfectly” through the center of the ring. This might encourage flying the course without taking away the unintended short cuts.


Given the times, it is quite clear that these are intended. You cannot hit gold on even the easiest of missions if you fly through every ring. Not by a longshot.