Orbus black screen problem

I am trying to login on my main and my alt but I am stuck on a black screen. This is also happening after steam restart, Oculus restart, computer restart.

And now everyone I talk with is in a black screen too. This is a problem for everyone. No-one can login…
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Same here, not able to login (Oculus Store)

We’re looking into this, thanks for the heads up. Will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Was fishing last night with small tongue/eye lure at the bottom of kingsport graveyard waterfall on my lvl 7ish bard with a couple goldleaf/silverleaf cloth pieces equipped, logged out after a few extra fish when i beat the 5 sunfish quest. Tried to log in today for a bit more fishing but my screen is black on any character i log in on even after deleting a lvl 1 mage and making a lvl 0 musket, still black screen. I can see green outlines of my left hand only when i click the X button of my oculus quest controller, if i press my menu button i can hear it open and the options clicking around but have been unsuccessful resetting myself to graveyard. I walked around my room resetting my view a bunch no fix either.

Side note another bug on my bard is when i change my instrument orbs i have to reset to graveyard to get them to switch, and my drumsticks take 5+ seconds to load when i pull them out, multiple people have asked me how i got 2 sticks so i assume others have the same invisible sticks issue.

We’re looking into it right now, thank for your reporting. Hang in there.

I get that issue but an see icons and pop up messages and it only fixes after task manager both steam and steam vr, after closing orbus. no idea if its an orbus problem but it happens a lot with orbus.

Okay, we found the cause and we’ll be restarting the servers for a fix in about 45 minutes, but if you want to play before then you should be able to log in multiple times and it will eventually let you through.

Thank you for your patience and thanks for reporting it quickly.

Will try, thanks!

Same issue.

First login attempt on bard after ur fix allowed me in, it started with the black screen/green left hand for about 5 sec then the world loaded around me. It also reset my audio [push to talk] and locomotion settings and the mini tutorial popups for changing them, and how to use my bard weapon tutorial

Should be working 100% of the time now since we restarted the server, please let us know if you’re still having issues with this.

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