Orbus double standards, part two

Many people know me cetni in game going to keep this brief this is for the game master how is it that you allow players to run around using derogatory term the N-word but you do not bend them soon as I report them automatically I get a because you believe everything that you here without a thorough you show no video proof what’s the weather in summer request proof you give me this Bd code of conduct

Furthermore, miss the game master in future if going ban provide us with proof of what we did they said, it just randomly banning us based upon some bullshit ass code of conduct that you don’t even uphold and this is the opposite I’ve been called inward every single day since I started the game. I reported it in the same more people runs around still doing it either you’re supporting it are you in bed with the people just calling me it wake up people in VR this game has narrative

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