Orbus Fashion Contest (Discord link)

We are looking for the best (and worst) dressed players Orbus has to offer.

Put together your best outfit and post a selfie in the Discord.
The best in each category will be decided by the number of likes (basic red heart emoji). In case of a tie there will be a draw.

Contestants can enter 6 categories:

best PLATE - (For paladins and warriors.)
best CLOTH - (For mages, shamans and bards.)
best LEATHER - (For scoundrels, musketeers and rangers.)
most UGLY - (Make people go “ew”.)
NOOBIE but fabulous - (Basic gear only. Any color is okay but no gear from shards, raids, NPC vendors or missions.)
most GOTH - (Wear lots of black and make sure no one understands you.)


Contestants can enter any or all categories (once per category only.)

PLATE 20 aged vitality potions
CLOTH 99 cryejil
LEATHER 50 000 dram
UGLY 60 aged ruined potions
NOOBIE 99 obsidian
GOTH shoulder kitty

**At the end of the contest, all participants’ names will go into a draw. The winner gets some custom Orbus merch. The number of categories you enter is the number you can enter your name.

Deadline: August 15th

Discord: https://discord.gg/f8Gg3xVJ


Is fashion really all that important?

Answer: Yes. Like why would you even ask such a stupid question?)


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