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So, I wrote this after seeing the woman who glitches in heathrun and just keeps walking in the water:

Do you know the place where the water hits the frozen land? Where everything is so frozen you get the ice right in your bones? It’s a land where nothing should be able to live on, and yet somehow they do.

Up there is full of draugar, of the people who walk between both worlds. Between the warmth and depth of the water, and the frozen isolation of the land. They both live and do not at the same time. Yet, there is one creature, one woman who would name herself draugr, but in reality she is something more.

She walks the same path everyday, and if you’re paying attention you’ll see how she walks slowly into the water. She keeps going and going, deeper and deeper into the depths of the sea. You’d think she drown, but no air bubbles or body float to the surface. And if you know where to look, and when, you can see her emerge out of the water again- as alive as before.

Now, you’re thinking, surely this is the definition of a draugr, but you’d be wrong. She’s not some creature that is both alive and dead, not at all…she’s something worse, something more sinister, I’d wager.

I saw her, I saw her and I asked myself who she was…why she was. I attempted to ask around in town, but the Draugr there don’t really talk- and any you find outside would be far to removed from humanity to tolerate. They’re vicious, dangerous, and will play no part in this tale.

If I could not learn what I wanted to know from the local draugr, then where would I go? I needed to know who this woman was. I decided to visit the library, but I had to be careful. I didn’t want to be accused of researching the pagan magics since that would mean certain death.

I had to sneak into the library. Luckily, I still had the key. It was far too dark for me to really be able to see, so I had to use the ancient forbidden arts. I searched every book that dared, but I did not really find anything that mentioned this strange woman.

I fled the library, heading out to one of my favorite strolls. Out near Olds Kingsport, you can hear the faint song of the dead while staring at the stars. I sat, and I listened, racking my brains for where I could go next. And that is when I heard it- a sad, low song. One that, if you were paying attention, you wouldn’t have heard. Or maybe I imagined all of it, in my fervor to have the truth. I cannot say; nor, can I really remember the words of the song.

I remember the feeling they gave me. I felt dread, and loss. Something stolen, taken away. But not the simple attachment of the item lost, but one of the deeper connection- like the lost of self-worth, or her confidence…something taken that deeply altered the strength of this woman.

In that moment, I remembered a fairy tale that my grandmother used to tell me about the older ways, about the pagan ways. In the ice and snow, there were creatures which wore their souls visibly. It was said the the worst thing that you could do was to take their souls from them. In an attempt to get their souls back, they would do whatever you needed of them- marriage, family, anything. But the act of taking their souls would be such a grievous offense…and once they found their souls they would leave again, taking their true forms and returning to the seas they love.

At first, I thought that this woman was evil. But I realize now, that I was wrong. She must be a woman who was lost, who lost something so important…she must be some sort of Selkie…


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–The Tale of the Stags

Have you ever wondered why the stags right by town attack supposedly unprovoked? The ones that viciously attack if you get on their side of the fence? Long ago, before people settled in Highsteppe, it was a stag paradise. When people took it over and founded Highsteppe, they tried to force all the stag down the hill, but those that came to be known as the king stag wouldn’t have it! They defiantly remain to this day, rabidly protecting what’s left of their territory, despite how often they’re hunted - they will not back down! However, during the great stag and human struggle over that land, some stags fled for their lives to a new land, adopting the snowy exterior that matched their icy and numb interior with the injustices they suffered. These vengeful ice stags came to be known as Heathrun Bucks since their dominion is over the ghost town of Heathrun. They will attack invaders not only in this life, but the next. They say that if you ventured out to the Frosted Spit in the olden days, you could always see at least one ice stag watching the graveyard… Forcing those ghosts to remain trapped inside. Not even in death will they let their territory be invaded again, and that’s why the Frosted Spit doesn’t have any almas sprite. The settlers that tamed the ice land and founded Fisherman’s Crust, upon realizing the plight of their many dead, decided to overfill the old graveyard with snow to provide some protection. They determined that the only safety was through the water, so they built a funeral pyre on a boat next to the graveyard that would allow the spirits to escape. That body of water was named The Bay of Two Souls since they had the custom of sending the departed out two at a time so that none had to make the journey alone. The settlement of Heathrun was not so lucky. Some settlers, fleeing from the bucks, in desperation jumped straight into the freezing waters. Some say if you survive the trek, you can still catch a glimpse of someone jumping off the dock and sinking until out of sight. Settlers have long abandoned Heathrun, but bold travelers say that two mages and one warrior trapped between the two realms can sometimes still be seen in that ghost town, guarding the water’s edge, offering safe passage to any unlucky enough to be attacked in that land. Or do they keep souls trapped in that bay? The funeral pyre boat cannot sail away; it’s blocked in by the dock…


Female Morgan freeman is elk. Snugly bunny is luvstosmooch. Million dram boy would be Johann. Disciples of treasure would just be the Treasure Boys (rip). SSS is probably draven. HealBullets, overhealer, and budget overhealer can all either be Sour, Cinyman, or Pyarrows. Sharkie might be scott (not so sure). Don’t know who laminar or half noodle boy are, I wasn’t there for that fight.


The Carnivorous Elk

Everyone knows that the elk found in the plains wont run if startled, but hunt you down. And unlike the grass eating wargs found at the orchard, their head is held high.

The reason is, they are on the lookout for new pray to eat. They won’t eat grass, but flesh. Don’t believe me? Just ask the hunters! The remains of humans are easily found hidden within there corpses.

(Inspired by the huge amount of Rotten fingers I find by killing elks, and the fact that the Wargs seem to be eating grass)


Nice! I like the explanation for the drop :scream:

While thinking of some more stories, I’m going to share a funny misadventure. There were five of us partied traveling through the thick trees in the jungle. Two perished in battle, and a warrior wanted to practice resurrection on his level 1 mage. As he began to cast, FELID! Dead. The other survivor and I cleared the area, I took a nice look around to make sure there weren’t any mobs, and I casted resurrection.
The very second they came into view, FELID POUNCE OUT OF NOWHERE! one shots the level 1 mage and then bounds off :joy:


Felids must hate mages???


It’s definitely because even nature thinks witchcraft and wizardry is an abomination like Guardian Bart (or at least, that’s what they tell themselves to justify it).
Defiant runemages, unite!


I was thinking about this more…and I bet was happened was that Tinny went out and came across a Felid. In her attempt to polymorph it, she accidentally removed it’s orange color…leaving it pure white! That Felid hid in the frosted spit, and bread a new breed- on with a particular hatred for mages. So, you defiant runemages need to be careful when you’re wandering around up there!!


anyone come up with something for elongata yet.


There is at least one in the works :sunglasses:


shame I thought I had one


By all means, write your own and post it! :grinning:

It might inspire someone else to say, “o yea? Well I heard…” and just keeps the stories rolling :+1:


Love all of these! Keep this thread going guys!


It was a cold Monday night in the Frosted Spit. The adventurers had traveled long and hard attempting to get to the Golden Split. As they came to the top of the final hill, there it was, the camp they were after. In celebration a runemage in the group shot ahead and the inexperienced musketeer followed closely behind. The runemage was a warrior at heart and was still under the impression she could withstand any attack without worry. The duo did not realize that the rest of the group was engaged in combat and was not able to follow. Nearing the camp the runemage noticed her running had slowed. Looking over her shoulder she saw it…the dreaded Frosted Vulpes. The musketeer unloaded all the support orbs he had into her firing upon the Vulpes in the process. It was a gruesome fight. The musketeer could not keep up this pace for long though. It was at this point he knew…they were doomed. As the runemage falls he emits a shout and charges the Vulpes! Alas, it was in vain, for he was just as easily struck down. He was not finished just yet. Even in his spirit form the Vulpes would not let up. Continuing to attack him over and over. Not to be outdone again he grabs his pickaxe. They trade blows back and forth. Hoping he can hold out until the rest of the group arrives. Then as if out of nowhere a barrage of spells and orbs fly past him, slaying the Vulpes. Some say his spirit still haunts the fellowship of Nox. Not to rest until he repays his debt to the runemage who he could not save.


Spooky, formally known as Snoopy, is the spirit of Nox. And a powerful spirit at that! Even after death the Frosted Vulpe continued to bite and scratch at his spirit, all in vain, Spooky had transcended into his second, more powerful form. So amazed were they, from that moment on the gentle fisher folk of the Frosted Spit kept fires burning day and night in stone towers high atop snowy peaks, in hopes that Spooky would see the flames and find his way back to protect them from the fearsome Frosted Vulpe.


@Snoopy nicely written! That’s fun :smile:

@Fern I love the explanation for the fire towers! :grinning:

I can attest this ghost story is true! Lost from my group in the dark of night in the woods of the unforgiving cold of the Frosted Spit, I was suddenly attacked by a vulpe! But then something else caught its attention, and it ran to attack thin air… No, not thin air, but a nebulous glimmering figure wielding a pickaxe! I stared in amazement until the ghost yelled for me to run, to get out of aggro range, and snapping out of it, turned to run. Thank you, Ghost of Nox, for you saved this lost runemage that day.


They say the Songwraith flies
alone among the Wilds.
But look, there, in their eyes
joy shows, much like a child’s.

And when your goods have gone,
you hear, on wind, this song:

"Let me lighten your load
of (all) your earthen sorrow.
For we travel this road
weighed by what we borrow.

“Though you may curse my name,
and the spirits above,
it is, all just the same,
just a labor of love.”

(Inspired by Discord)

EDIT: I’m very late for something, but I was further inspired to put it to music: https://soundcloud.com/seurimas/seurimass-tale


@Seurimas_Songwraith this is literally the most beautiful post yet