Orbus Folk Tales / Urban Legends / Misadventures

Calling all creative writers! I think we have some fun material to begin creating our own folk tales and urban legends. Best part about those is the same topic can have a number of story variations, so feel free to reiterate one already done as well as come up with your own! To get us started:

-The Origin of Our Traditions (shaving head to wear a hat, why certain classes wear certain colors, etc)

-The Tale of the Skogtroll on Cenn’s Farm

-Our Thunder Origin Story

-The Myth of the Sheep Monster

-Why Sheep (any sheep!) are Immune to Polymorph

-Why We Should Fear / Be Wary of Bridges

-The Fisherman of Fishermen (beware, fishers!)

-The Haunting of Narrow Orchard (and/or anywhere Almas / Infested Sprites are found)

-The Ghost Ships / Ghost Towns

-Epic Battles (that you witnessed, participated in, or just heard about)

-Adventures / Misadventures you’ve had or heard about

Feel free to include other things, too! Be mindful to avoid possible in-game spoilers. The game has its own creative lore and history, but let’s add our experiences and hearsay!

Also to help fuel or fluff some stories, here’s a post from way-back-when that can serve as inspiration :slightly_smiling_face:


there is that ship that appeared in the lack out side of highstepp randomly that could make an interesting story. I don’t think theirs an NPC on it yet.


Yup! I look forward to some creative ghost ship stories! I’m gonna get this ball rolling :sunglasses:

–The Warrior’s Tall Tale / The Origin of Thunder

Long ago, a warrior that did not heed warnings to take shelter from the storm was farming mobs when all of a sudden after an upward slash, lightning struck the sword! This embued amazing powers upon the warrior, who discovered throwing the sword could trigger special teleportation powers. The townspeople knew it was far too dangerous to construct a bridge across the river in those olden days, knowing what dangerous monsters lurked on the other side. The warrior who faced lightning was up for the challenge, threw the sword to the other side, and hopped the river. That warrior was never seen again, but thunder can still be heard to this day with no trace of lightning… They say that warrior is still fighting mobs on the other side, and each thundercrash is actually caused by that warrior’s blade from the other side. No one ever took shelter from the storms again.


There’s an NPC on it

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IT COULD BE A GHOST NPC :wink: you know, like the pilgrim :no_mouth:


well there goes the Idea of a mystery behind it.

I was there when the skogtroll was on Cenn’s Farm. It was going around killing noobs and someone asked a level 20 in town to kill it. I also went along to help and was hard to hit since it never stopped moving but we finally got its aggro and killed it. Someone suggested that it teleported through a portal and followed them to the farm. I believe it happened at 1/15 or 1/16.


This is such a cool idea Airis! Glad to see some other roleplayers/storytellers as a newcomer to the game.

I have heard several travelers coming off the roads at night talking of the Deer Woman. Nobody has much concrete to say about her, as it seems she gives off a very unsettling “aura” to those who have come close enough to notice that beneath her long, colourful skirts are not shoes or dirt-covered toes… but the hooves of a deer.

If anyone does see her, or even hears a story from out in the woods of an encounter, I would be -very- interested in a recounting.

-Chronicler Achan


Guardian Bart warned us about those heathens, he warned us!!

I heard some naive pagan wanna-be wandered off in search of the witch, found her out there somewhere in the wilderness near the falls, and actually (gasp) crossed the bridge to gather a certain type of evil knarled tree to do her bidding. Whilst uprooting one of those evil trees, a Skogtroll aggro’ed the pagan, who ran and ran and ran back to the safety of Highsteppe, BRINGING THAT SKOGTROLL WITH HIM OR HER! Thinking he or she could hide amongst the tall sunflowers, ran to the farm, hoping maybe the Redtails would also attack the Skogtroll, but no, the Skogtroll massacred everything and everyone in sight until the renowned ranger Rejinx was alerted to the danger.

All hail @Rejinx, savior of Cenn’s Farm! May we never forget this tragedy and stay away from the evil pagan magics!

:no_mouth: cough I’m not a runemage, what are you talking about cough :no_mouth:

Also, Thanks Neil! I would love to hear more about the Deer Woman!


Back, during the last beta, I had the misfortune of wandering off and getting myself lost (and killed) in a much higher zone. This was back when the mobs would sometimes hang out and grave yard and kill people…again. I had a run in with a winter white stag in the snowy area, and I’ve still got a vendetta. Anyway, we could have one about random animals, hunting down poor adventures, and stalking them even into the afterlife!!


The Myth about how @Elk is actually a robot and thats why he doesnt talk. he’s a hyper intelligent AI. trying to seem like a real boi


@Rejinx the Hero of Highsteppe


I know a guy who’s heard elk talk before. So not a robot just an avid fisherman.

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I remember the tale of why Elongata retreated in to the mountains. It is the tale of unrequited love. A tale of @RobotLove .
In the final days before our modern times, mighty Elongata searched the jungle looking for her love. When she, at last, found him near the temple, only to be shunned by him. The Robot lover proclamed “Sorry Elongata, I already have a girlfriend”. In a jealous rage she crushed her @RobotLove with a seed pod and escaped to the mountains where some say she remains to this day.


She kept trying to put her seed in me man. That aint consent bro… that aint consent


well we now know whos going to win the prize dram.

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I have 3 stories to share, although they are all very old, and little people know their stories today.
they will also listed in order from oldest to newest

The Hermits and the Stars
A long time ago, in while the world of Taella-Oso was still young, there were rumors of a hidden cave with very powerful monsters hiding within. 3 adventures answered the call to subjugate those beasts. Upon arrival at the cave, the brave adventures realized it was much more dangerous than they had realized, and decided to wait outside the cave for 2 more to fill their party. There they waited for many hours, and eventually hours turned to days, to weeks, to years. After all this time, the adventurers turned into hermits, simply waiting outside of the cave. As they waited there was nothing to do but shoot fire balls into the blank endless sky. Back then the fire wielded by mages were stronger than the ones nowadays, and they flew endlessly through the air. It is said that the fire balls that the hermits fired still fly through the sky today, becoming the first stars in the sky. The names of these hermits were Laminar, Half Noodle Boy, and The Forgotten

The Man Cursed By The Gods
Back before all mobs gave out all pieces of gear as determined by the Gods, each mob was blessed with but a single piece of gear to distribute. Back then, no other piece of gear was more sought after than the elusive Jungle Shoulders hearing of the tales of this very rare piece of armor, a group of 5 adventurers sought out these shoulders and one by one they were collected. All but one that is. There sat Half Noodle Boy, relentlessly slaughtering those beasts, it could be called nothing but a slaughter, but still he was denied his loot. this continued for decades, until he finally got his drop, but to his dismay the gods decided to play a cruel joke on his poor soul. When he reached out to grab his prize, it was snatched away by a spider, the messenger of a god, and carried out of sight, to a unreachable place. They say his rage was uncontainable, but he pressed on in his journey, dragging his weary friends along with him. This continued for countless years, until the gods finally took pity on him, and gave him his goal. The person in this story is Half Noodle Boy

The Castle Of The Gods
Did you know that the symbol that the Patreal Knights adopted predates there whole organization, and the path it leads was there before as well? Well back then there was a adventurer, who went by the name of Laminar. One day he was traveling with a few other companions, when they came upon those runes in the wall. Intrigued, they deciphered their meaning and followed the path. Upon arriving at the end and finding nothing, the 2 friends left to continue their previous adventure, but not Laminar. He believed that there was more to the puzzle they the others had thought. So he searched the place of what is now know as Maats Throat, and found a hidden path. After following the path he arrived at the foot of a steep, unclimbable mountain, and sitting at the top was the Castle Of The Gods. Enjoyed at his discovery, he ran to tell his friends, but no one believed him. Not Half Noodle Boy, not Snuggly Bunny, not Super Spread Sheet Guy. But there he saw a new face, a person by the name of Sharkie. Upon telling Sharkie of his discovery, he agreed to go and see it. When they arrived, Sharkie let out the amazed scream of “it is actually real!” After that they left that place, as it was late, and they decided to sleep on the discovery and come back the next day. Unbeknownst to them, during the night the Gods had a meeting. Whether it was out of anger, or fear, we do not know, but during the night they moved their castle away, to a unknown location. Some say that Laminar is still out there, looking for his lost castle, while Sharkie denies that the experience ever happened, but alas these are but legends, and who knows where they are now. Some even says he cornered a God in Narrow Orchards when he was pretending to be human, and offered bribes to find out which of the Gods had moved the castle!

These are all the stories I have to share today, but who knows what may jog my memory, and allow me to write more!

EDIT: All of these are based off of true stories


Just reposting so you guys know I’m doing a contest. @Kamina and those of you who have stories can use the same story for the contest. :slight_smile:

So you want people to post the story in the contest thread, not this one?

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Or maybe link to it?