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I would really like to hear about where the monsters of tradu came from if anyone has any tales to tell.


Tradu mines is one of the many remnants and experiments leftover by an ancient civilizations. The name of the one who owed and started the mine was lost due to time. He used the mines to disguised his sick and twisted experiments on his own people. The only identifications anyone could find are the rings wore by the Essa Lord, A.K.A. The third world boss.

Essa Lord is assumed to be the re-animation of the owner of the Tradu mines. He is extremely powerful and seems to be immortal. He can be summoned by brave adventurers whom has gathered some relic pieced in hopes of finding riches upon defeating this immensely powerful being.

As many adventurers know, Tradu mines are actually some kind of lab. There were no found records of anything about this place except it’s name and location.

Researchers have a theory that each individual dungeons within the gloomy cave were actually cages. Cages that were and still are containing experiments. The Essa Lord had eight major experiments, two contained within each cage. These experiments are most likely tested for their immortality. No matter how many times they have been killed, they will always come back, just like the Essa Lord himself. These experiments are so powerful, they corrupts every wild life they come in contact with. The cages were made to contain these powerful experiments but not the wild life that resides within the Orbus world. The wild life that were in direct contact with these experiments became what’s known as aberrations to the adventurers whom are brave enough to venture deep inside the Tradu Mines or the no man’s land known as the wilds.

Some predict that these aberrations are the reason how the old civilization fell along with the Tradu Mines itself. These monsters are so toxic, they can corrupt the lesser wild life around them and form packs. These packs of corrupted monsters escaped the mines at some point in time and dominated almost entirety of the world.