Orbus House and thoughts!


Awesome thoughts guys that’s exactly what Alex_F and I have been talking so much about!! Getting as many people interested in different activities as possible to increase your player base! That and the quest capability are two huge ways of expanding!


Yea there are a couple games, but as for VR there’s not so many to compare… I actually thought about my Oculus Home, they also have a broad variety of items, wallpapers and furniture you can move around, freely, plus an option where others can visit your home. Also tried the Vive/Steam-Version, but it is far less customizable.


That’s kinda where personally fishing with maybe wall mounts of the fish you’ve caught, kitchen to whip up some stir fry jk lol but really I’d love to cook up either body parts from things killed or other items! And showing off your creativity in your home to others is so awesome! J11 sent a video earlier in the comments about turning a switch at the top of the door and it taking you to different places such as outside, or maybe a balcony to watch people from! Nothing like spending the day at your virtual home with your friends!


I like how BDO handled player houses.
All the seemingly useless buildings in Mmo cities turned to player housing with different customizable instanced interiors and you could visit your friends houses and put your trophies on the walls … or use it to store your stage coach /cough.

Reborn highstep has ALOT of doors.
Slap numbers on them and allow people to buy better houses in better spots in the city.

Have party members able to choose to follow someone into their house.

Or maybe allow us to make spare keys for our house to give to certain people…

Food for thought .

I’d also like lots of interior customization , especially fishing trophies. I’d like an in game leaderboard in my war room.

A door that links to the guild hall.

In the guild hall I want a large wall size world map with pins and names on it showing real time where guild mates are.

I want my compass to have a better North indicator. And choose to disable all the chaff from displaying on it.

Also a bathroom I can play baseball in…


King size bed big enough for ten plus me?

All good thoughts and suggestions all jokes aside!


Nike_B here this should tag you


Being able to buy upgrades for furniture and whatnot would be nice


Monster trophies would be nice too after thinking about it. Being able to hang a wolf skull or Dragon’s head on your wall would be nice. Maybe smaller dungeon mobs for player houses and raid bosses for guild halls.

Perhaps a taxidermist tradeskill is asking too much.

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