Orbus Is Broken

Orbus is kind of broken at the moment. trying to go into player house, fellowship hall, or the Highsteppe dungeons will just desync you. Logging in has also been a pain, with it just black screening you 40% of the time. I haven’t tried leaving Highsteppe, any of the overworld dungeons, or entering either raid. But I assume the same issues apply to those.


I’m having the same issue

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Same issue

same with me


@Outlander_Robert @moderators help orbus broken

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Prove it pal

Same. There’s a bunch of us trying to log on. Myself, Echofire, DustofLuck, Dispicable, Lightworks, etc. Please help us Devs.

the game black screens as soon as you click continue on the character screen. it only happens if you logged off in highsteppe or places like fellowship hall/player house

Same. Black screen. Trying to log in with 2 friends.

not just a couple people having the problem its code red for the whole game fix this issue i wanna cast fire balls :c

Bit of info: Those who were able to log on were in Highsteppe city and Highsteppe itself, anywhere else would black screen you when you logged on, since then however the shards expired and there was never a new shard to replace them, so no one is able to log on anymore regardless if they were able to earlier or not.

Still having the same issue :frowning: halp

same here. Help!

cant even log in here, brand new game and account, i was hoping to have fun today, now that day is ruined… if not fixed in 12 hours i am refunding (Black screen aftrer clicking login with ANY created character!!!)

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