Orbus isn’t dead until we give up

I have tried several attempts at reaching out to the devs to offer both financial support and help desk support with no answer.

One of the biggest reasons we have all stayed playing Orbus is not for the content, but for the community. We have been an online family for a long time. Just like real families, sometimes we love each other, sometimes we hate each other, sometimes there is that troublesome cousin that is always breaking the law…but we still keep coming back to the Orbus family.

Self-fulfilling prophecy: If we all stop paying the game bc its going to die, then yes, it’s going to die.

But if we continue to play, and help green leafs so they learn to love the game and the community like we did, maybe they will tell their IRL friends about it, then maybe we can save Orbus…Not forever, but for longer…

I agree with Next, the cheating is really bad right now. I’ve been playing this game since 2018, and this feels like the worst it’s ever been. I’m not sure if that’s bc the player base has dwindled so the cheaters really stick out, or if the level of cheating is just far more egregious now. BUT PLEASE STOP. EARN YOUR KILLS. WAIT FOR THAT YELLOW BAG TO DROP AND SUCK IT UP THAT IF YOU DIDNT PLAY PREBORN, YOU DONT GET THE GEAR.

We have all been through a lot together…let’s keep the Orbus community alive. Come back to the family if you left, or keep playing if you’re still here.



do we have to be a family, i dont wana be related to celebi


ong, I’d rather it be like a school, I don’t wanna at all be traced back to Celebi.

It’s ok you have no choice but to be apart of my family

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Oh nooo,
She’s Scottish

How did you figure out my secret, this guy enderish knows all things

If I’m being honest, I don’t know if giving the devs financial support would really be the best way for Orbus Players to go about this. And unfortunately, due to MMO players being MMO players, there’s only so much help to go around. And just as unfortunately, most players aren’t interested in the idea of buying an MMO that has such a low player base. Even if they can play with friends. Most people end up only trying this game for the novelty of being a VRMMO.

I only say this because Orbus is inevitably going to die, weather we give them money for the servers or not. And I don’t think many players, even the ones who still play day after day after day, are going to be up for (or don’t even have a way to) support the game financially. Especially when it’s all but confirmed any new content that we may receive will be nothing extremely new or noteworthy.

If you truly want to continue playing OrbusVR, and have it run as it did before, please ask the OrbusVR developers to make the game open source. Or, selling the rights to another developer.

Of course, those solutions have their own problems. Ones that will have to be solved by those who end up with Orbus. Although, I feel like with enough time and effort, the problems that are faced with open sourcing or selling the game off another developer can be fixed with enough effort and time. Though, at least then we will have a proper game that’s getting support, development, and most importantly for Orbus; a lively and thriving community of players.


As long as we keep at it. This game will be alive :slight_smile: most people quit because “its dead” but if every player who quit because its dead came back. It would be more alive than ever


Well said!!


Orr until the servers go down🤣


Its DEAD when it black screens ON ANY character i create - and all the reviews i read are pretty good… If i cant log in within 12 hours i am refunding

Honestly sounds like Skill Issue…

I have multiple accounts and its working great c: