Orbus lore theory goddess of chaos Ma’at is dead

That’s right we’re back with another lore theory despite what I said before!!

Before I get into the theory we need to understand a bit of background on Ma’at and the gods of chaos.
Here is a quote from Book of Y’llah that explains her and the gods fairly well,
“In the beginning there was only the void.

But the goddess M’aat and her brother B’aal looked upon the void, and they knew that it should not be thus.

M’aat, who knew the names of all things, spoke into the void. Her voice echoed through a new world, giving it order and filling it with light and truth. The land and the sea; all the creatures in them, and all the stars in the sky. She created all these things, and she created man. She saw what she had made and she knew that it was good…

M’aat saw what her brother had wrought, and she knew that it was evil. She sealed it away, placing a veil between her realm of order and his realm of chaos, so that her creation could dwell in the light and not the dark. And so it was that the realm of man was shielded from these dark and terrible things.”

Now why do i believe she is dead? I have a few reasons,

  1. Her essence would of destroyed the world
  2. We have to go to another realm to find a god
  3. She is very absent from everything going on in our realm

Let me explain 1.
Because Ma’at is a chaos god she would leak chaos essence naturally, that stuff would completely corrupt and change our world into the chaos realm if we had her in it but our world (excluding what Nodenghast did) is fairly fine, and we know our realm doesn’t have a huge amount of chaos essence because our weapons need to pull the essence out of another dimension because ours doesn’t have enough of it. This should make no sense unless she is no longer alive to make the chaos essence.

  1. When we need chaos essence to power our machines we are forced to go to other worlds and harvest the essence from their gods. We know gods typically reside in the realm they created so why don’t we just go to our god Ma’at. I can only imagine it’s because she died so we can’t harvest anything.

  2. The weird sisters say that Ma’at would of never approved the order it almost sounds like she didn’t know they existed though but how could a god not know what’s going on in they’re own realm and it’s not like the order wasn’t very hidden it basically took over the whole realm. Also when Nodenghast showed up she did nothing. You might say maybe she can’t interfere but she already did when she cut off our realm from her brothers, how is this not a similar situation? She might not of been able to do much to her mother but I can’t imagine she would just sit back and let her creation be destroyed.

But who could and would have killed the goddess?
I have a few theories first being that Nodenghast killed her as punishment. We know the main goal of Nodenghast is to spread chaos and many of her children take after her but Ma’at didn’t. This could have angered nodenghast so she would eliminate Ma’at. Also nodenghast would be powerful enough to kill Ma’at considering the fact nodenghast was powerful enough to birth her and many other gods.

Someone else who could have killed who is Sephotep or one of the other scholars of nodenghast. This follows the same reason as why nodenghast would kill her but due to them being servants they might take out Ma’at for nodenghast. As of if they could take down Ma’at I believe they could because we see sephotep call Baal (her brother) insignificant making me believe he has achieved a god like power to see other gods as below him. This could also explain where all the other scholars went, maybe they died in the battle with Ma’at and only sephotep survived, this would also explain where he got his huge ego.

A question comes up with this theory though and that’s if Ma’at died we could still collect her essence in our realm until she runs out right? To that I would say I think we already have used it all up, but not us humans I think it was the esasa. We know they made the first portal to the chaos realm to get more chaos essence but these portals are powered by chaos essence so where would we of gotten the essence from if we haven’t been to the chaos realm yet. The only place I could think of it from our god Ma’at and we ended up using all her essence to make the portal which is why we can’t collect any more.

I’m writing this all very late at night so I hope it makes sense. Also let me know what you think this is a theory I’ve had for a very long time now but never really shared so I’d like to hear other opinions. Lastly this is likely my real last lore theory I know I said my last one was going to be the last bit I randomly got an urge to make this like an hour ago so I did but it might not happen again. Hope you had fun reading till next time!


Lore boy is back!!

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Starting to think ma’at is a metaphor for the devs

:laughing: doods not wrong. Just like ma’at the devs are “dead” too

Love this Stone!!! Keep it coming

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