Orbus lore theory, how katsui is able to be part of the order without being executed immediately

As you may know katsui is an active order supporter in highsteppe and as you may also know supporting the order is the easiest way to get the death sentence, so why is katsui the exception? Well the answer is very simple really and I’m surprised it took me so long to realize it but it is very obliviously the fact he can pull over 130k meaning anyone who dare stands up to him will get evaporated on the spot! It’s said that when markos was executing all the order loyalist he went to get katsui but katsui just simply said no Casting 5 fireballs in one second at the man. If it wasn’t for Markos’s insane plot armor he would of died at that very spot, and when sephotep heard about it they say he almost moved to a different dimension in fear.


Smh. I knew the man couldn’t be trusted.

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Katsui is not the only suppoter. I stand with the order too

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We’ve found their financier.


Ah fellow order supporters,