Orbus population

Orbus seems like a ghost town these days, let’s compile a list of things that we think will bring in new players and retain the player base much better. Would like to hear other players opinions too!

  1. Fix ghost casting (ghost casting was introduced with the release of the Citadel raid so that would be a good place to start looking to find the problem)

  2. STOP banning people unjust (I know first hand and second hand that a lot of bans issued are completely not justified and that is just simply upsetting, I understand that sometimes people will need to be banned to keep up an orderly game but lets be realistic when it comes to this)

  3. New best in slot gear or classes (very necessary for player retention although some game breaking things like ghost casting and other problems are probably a bigger priority)


Can you expand on this, I’m not sure what that means

so for example maybe shards could be brought up to a higher level giving a chance at +7 armor, or a new raid but like I said the pre existing stuff that is broken I would think is a bigger priority

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my only issue is the game is already a bit easy and there’s plenty of content. bug fixes should rly be the main focus


yeah orbus is so buggy, would be the best most unique game if it wasn’t


Just came back to the game after a long brake. The server is basicly empty when I log on after work. I need to be up all night to find people online because then the US peeps log on. Where did the EU folks go? Zenith?

Basicly manage to do 1 Dungeon/PVP queue each night because noone is online.