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I can’t wait until the Reborn menu system is brought into Orbus VR as it is much easier to navigate as you don’t actually have to touch a button to use it, it’s just point and click.


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I do wish, however, that the buttons had some volume to them rather than being entirely flat on the interface. The “punchy” buttons of other interfaces like Rec Room feel so much better to navigate than sticking my finger through a flat piece of paper.


I figured out why it felt so weird to me … in Orbusvr I hold my grip button and extend my index finger to interact with menues like my real world finger is touching buttons as my in game finger points …

in reborn , I need to press the trigger button first to enable lazer finger on the hand I am attempting to utilize to interact … which feels wierd to me. Is this something that can be adjusted to use grip button OR trigger so that the feel of the menues feels more natural ?

I would also like to be able to apply the orbusvr (minimalist/SAO) theme to the reborn menues … the darker wood grain theme makes me think ‘minecraft’ and is a value lost to me. Tho the old menue with the darker color I may enjoy …

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