Orbus Scavenger Hunt (Win a Quest 3!)

Hey guys, Mishka here!

If you haven’t heard, Skorpeo is doing a really big Orbus Scavenger hunt/giveaway in December. You’ll have to rely on your knowledge of the lore, history, and exploration of the game to solve 200 clues. Whoever gets the most right (and they range from “everybody should be able to get this” to “I doubt anybody could POSSIBLY know this!”) wins a selection of things such as a PS5, Quest 3, Gaming Computer, and more.

It’s open to anybody who plays Orbus. All you have to do is join the Orbus Raffle/Contest server (https://discord.gg/z5wcsWXTCK) and sign up before noon EST on Friday, December 1st.

I’m sitting this one out because I’d rather see the prizes go to somebody who could use them, but I’m happy to help out with my knowledge of the game and its history!

Hope to see you all in game soon, and as always, happy hunting! <3



this might crash the server dude, 60-70 people on at once again :laughing: . We’ll see how this goes

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