Orbus Unofficial Armory - New version: 1.5.1, Achievements


Good morning/afternoon/evening Orbus community!

Recently the Orbus xyz armory has been updated with achievements! If you look at your armory profile you will see the achievements shown there.

Note that; these are achievements sourced through the orbus API and represent only data we have been able to collect through that.

The new release comes packed with many achievements (some which are yet to be gained by any one :wink: ).

As an example, here is a link to a profile

Why achievements?
As Orbus reborn is coming soon, we noticed that the challenges left in the game are getting thinner. The best way to keep challenging ourselves is to create a set of awards that everyone can proudly wear. This can also be used to gauge individual experience in the game when playing with others and/or applying to fellowships or playing with teams.

Please do drop us any feedback on our discord server :slight_smile:


Alphabet Crew.


Awesome job!! Love the armory, also the new overview of how often we did which shard is gret. [hope we also may comment here]
I only wonder if some of these are set a bit too high currently, figured I got no chance reaching most I am missing. For example only one person in the entire game got past 5k potions, two players reached 2.5k and it’s very unlikely imho - also because of the 10x batches counting as 1 - that those three people will get company anytime soon. Not even sure if new players can reach the first of these, with 10x and fishing potions.

A few smaller steps or lower goals would be nice, so that most of the player base got something to aim for. Perhaps it’s even an idea to mirror more of the steam-achievements (for example dungeon ready). Other than that, again, very cool idea!


Also making potions would be the worse thing to do before reborn if you don’t sell them :joy:


There are smaller steps, such as 250 potions, 10 PvP arena wins, 5000 harvests and 25k monster kills

The achievement goals were based off the #1 spot of the leaderboard, either slightly higher or under depending how the numbers fit, I plan on getting as many of them as I can before reborn however there is no rush for them for those that don’t want to try and get them, they will still be obtainable in reborn, though there may be newer and harder achievements available for reborn too

As for the potions, you’ll find fishing potions useful even in reborn and will build the number of potions made quite quickly, I’ve made 1k-2k of them


That’s my point… who will need more than 2k potions (200x10) and perhaps 50 fishing potions? Remember most are not traders, I wonder what a normal player should do with 1-2k potions, each lasts 20mins, that is 333h-666h of fishing and likely 5 inventories wouldn’t help to store all the fish+those potions, reborn or not that is crazy… I mean, ok if some love fishing and only bought the game for this but other than that hm … dunno :smiley: ?

Sure we can do fishing potions and delete, but the 250 is no goal most of people want to reach - if they don’t have it already from before 5x and 10x. As for #1 as a measurement I figured, but the distance between top 1-5 people and between those and the rest is huge for some reason (perhapy cuz of many quitters and the rest not catchin up?). So, basically, two achievements out of 4 (or even 3 outta 4) are for only a handful which seems not quite balanced imo, they could be spread throughout top 200 or so; so your first goal as a starter can be getting into the top 200 of the game, to get a achievement #1; for the top 100 one would need only bit over 70 potions btw. First potion achievement would place you into top 30 already that seems pretty high.

But it’s nice to have achievements, so this is just something to consider, in the long run.


This is valid feedback. Honestly when the thresholds were set it was top down not bottom up. This means that I looked at the person with the highest numbers and made thresholds for achievements based on that. In the case of potion making, this might be skewed.

Maybe 50 potions is a realistic starting achievement.


There is no x10 for fishing potions so your math is way off, anyone wanting to get 20 fishing is likely to use multiple stacks of fishing potions, there will be new fish and resources in reborn too, which means fishing potions will be the main potion that will still be useful in reborn as there will always be need for fish, ithecac will probably also need to be used to find new pages again, the boosting potions won’t be so useful after you level up from 20 though


Counting the 45sek time to make a easy potion, that’s still 62.5h real time just brewing to hit 5000 potions… o-O


That’s pretty cool :+1:


But are we sure there won’t be a better fishing potion in reborn? I don’t see a reason why only fishing potions won’t get an upgraded version?


I did it over 10months, it’s not like you have to do it all at once, or even at all, it’s more of a long term goal for the more hard-core players that grind a lot

I’m pretty sure there won’t be as you can get 100% bite rate using the current aged fishing potions


I think these are pretty cool… the one category I think doesn’t really make sense is the one for playtime, as it’s not tied to any specific in-game actions, and encourages being AFK, with people leaving their VR headets running for long periods of time without being used.


I mean the only reason the AFK Ac… I mean playtime achievement is there is because of @J11 :joy:

You’re right, it doesn’t make a lot of sense at all. Should probably make a feat of strength out of it rather than give points for it


I think it’s a misunderstanding I wrote “200x10” (that is of course normal potions) PLUS 50 - single - fishing potions (for fishing); that is 200+50 = first achievement. 50 is all I ever need, I mainly play on evenings, and there I do dungeons or normal farming so it’s barely 2 times fishing a week, if at all. A lvl 20 on the fisherman also isn’t really my goal ;). People got different playing styles and different activities they prefer, but lookin at the rankings there is truly just a handful who are able (or willing) to do these amounts.



I just pushed a new update: 1.5.2 with some interesting statistics updates:

  • On the achievements page (http://armory.orbus.xyz/#/achievements/aRkker) you can now see how many people have each achievement so you can go around Highsteppe telling folk how cool you are when you have rare achievements

  • Edited the tooltips on the stat graphs on the player pages (http://armory.orbus.xyz/#/character/aRkker) to show the change between the currently hovered-over data point and the previous. Only shows it if there actually is a change from the previous point

That’d be all


Haha :joy::joy: Thanks!


Today i checked something in the Armory. I was to fast and clicked the infoscreen with the updateinfo for 1.5.3 away. At the homepage are no patchinfos past.