Orbus VR at PAX?

Pax West is coming up here in a little more then a week, Was wondering if Ad Alternum will be present as an exhibitor showing of Orbus VR?

We won’t be there this year. With as small as our team is, deciding to do a convention at this point in the development cycle would basically halt development for like a solid month at least. So as much as we’d like to get out there and show off the game to the press and convention go-ers in person, I don’t think it’s the best use of our resources right this minute. But I think next year there is a good chance we will be doing at least one or two conventions.


Have you considered outsourcing a small group of non-devs to go in your place? Give them a script, and maybe setup a clone of the beta as a demo?

It’s just a thought. I have no idea how Conventions work as a non-attendee.

Well it’s definitely too late to do anything with PAX West, as you have to book space at those types of shows about 6 months+ in advance. Honestly even if we’re not physically there, a ton goes into the behind-the-scenes work (booking the space, contracting the right providers to get the right equipment, setting up the demo, dealing with bugs/issues during the demo time, etc.) that I’m not sure having someone else go really relieves that much of the problem…like, I would say 10% of it is the actual time spent there, 90% of it is the planning to go.

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MAGfest is where you need to be not PAX. Their MVIS is top notch and the event is insanely fun.

This occurs right after new year, so plenty of time to plan, and the floorspace cost to you ( FREE ) is certainly reasonable.

MAGfest is a registered Non-profit dedicated to games and game music, there are NO corporate sponsors allowed, so you wont be competing with large publishers.

If you want in, http://super.magfest.org/mivs/ needs to be filled out soon.

Hey, didn’t protomen play there one year?

Last year, and many times before that. They get all the “big name” VGM bands. Had Ninja sex party / tupperware remix the year before.

The music part of magfest isnt my thing, I go for the massive arcade / LAN / gameroom

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