Orbus VR Blackscreen

I am using a HTC vive and I have encountered an issue. I can load up the game, but after I select a character, It goes black for a second. It shows a sign for a brief moment, maybe 1 second, which I believe says “Can’t connect to host, try again later”. Does anyone know how I can fix my issue? Thank you

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Hi, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the issue.

Does the problem occur if you select the other two connection modes on the bottom left in the login menu?

Once I switched to using a Proxied connection type I could play.

I usually get that when im not logged into steam chat. just a heads up

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I get this all the time and it is frustrating … but most of the time it is steam chat friends tab not connected.
but sometimes its not and I have to restart steam , and sometimes that does not work and I restart my PC.

when that doesnt work I assume the gods of RNG say no and I go play something else.

I call it “The Orbus Gatekeeper”

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