Orbus VR Live Streamer - Come join!




My name is Zemi,
I am a twitch live streamer and have chosen to primarily stream Orbus VR daily. I have a lot of hope and optimism in the game and want to promote it as much as possible on twitch.

If anyone is interested in coming and checking out the stream / joining my little community throw a follow at twitch.tv/zemi

I could definitely use as much support as possible to really promote this game and get the word out there as possible. With the expansion coming up next year I definitely want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. I streamed yesterday so the video is up and I’ll be live again daily!

Thank you for your attention , hope to chat soon!

Follow at Twitch.tv/zemi

Shoot me a message here for collaboration options!


I play a lot of VR, steam everything now, mainly OrbusVR and Echo Arena. Those are my goto.

If your interested…