Orbus Vr Tutorial bug

My character name is SoulsXD and although I’ve already beaten the tutorial and turned off the tutorial in settings, the tutorial message is still there, how do I fix this?

The tutorial toggle in the settings menu doesn’t turn off the Tutorial Tracker quest but the tool tips and help signs scattered throughout the game.

Checking your data it looks like you are still on the part of the Tutorial Tracker quest to turn in your first mission to Darius. You should only have a few more steps before completing the full tutorial which would then remove the tracker from view.

Every once in a while the message “You’ve brewed a potion!” from potions tutorial pops up on my screen. I get it in very random moments, like, finishing an event or a dungeon. I completed that mission months ago, on my first week playing.
It is not a problem at all, that does not interfere on my gameplay. It is just a funny bug that makes me laugh when it happens =D

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