OrbusVR Phone/Tablet App

Many games now seem to have a phone/tablet app and I think there could be space for one here too. Of course, this isn’t a must have, but just an idea to put into your heads for later 
Maybe a way to manage inventory, both character and home chests. And perhaps the potion aging racks. Not produce anything of course, seems too cheaty and much less fun then doing it in game. But a way to sort your items outside of the game and remove potions from the aging shelf in case you can’t get online before they go bad.
A way to see who’s online from your Fellowship or friends list and perhaps send a mail message. As you might make an in-game plan to meet, but your Inet is down or something and you want to let them know. Checking mail would be nice too.
A Journal section would be nice too, so players could see what quests they have, or what things they need to collect for when they’re able to get into the game. (I like planning my todo lists  )
I wouldn’t want to take away from the game experience with an app, but I think something like the above idea would enhance it.


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