OrbusVR Quest minimum firmware

Hello, can anyone please tell me what the minimum firmware needed for OrbusVR is? I am on v15 currently due to the fact that they blocked multiple profiles in v16.

(Edit: skip that question for which headset you use, it was in the title)
However, who blocked what? It should not really matter which firmware you use, update your stuff and should run fine. However if there’s an issue with logging in or such it might help to describe what’s wrong, in more detail.

I share my headset with my brother, in v16 Oculus decided to remove the “switch profiles” feature, preventing that from working which is why I am on v15.

There was a feature? I thought the only way to have several profiles was some workaround never intended to work by Oculus in the first place… however, I still don’t understand what does it have to do with the game? Can’t you login now or…? If so, that’s not likely related to the firmware and you really should describe the issue.

I can log in, but I wanted to know whether it still works on v15. And yes-the feature relied on you using a tool that allowed you to make an alt on it (plus supersampling/resolution change) then using the switch user menu that appeared on the Quest when in use. v16 deleted that option despite the fact multiple profiles is Oculus’s biggest feature.

Well the firmware largely affects your headset though (also settings, features of the headset’s UI etc.) and very rarely the 3rd party apps you play on it… would be a nightmare if on every firmware update of any headset apps are affected.
And if you can login and play you obviously see it works or…? So yah still don’t understand the issue except you wanted to state your worries about them patching the multi accs out but the Oculus forums would be the right place for that.

put it this way-does this game use any v16/17 features? If so, then trying to run it would cause the quest to immediately update (like voxel works quest does).

Well I don’t think it does. What you still can and already checked yourself since your quest did not update…

PS: Also, what is perhaps not clear, Orbus isn’t designed for the Quest, it’s a PC VR app, originally, running on a plentitude of headsets. It would hardly make sense to specialize a cross-built app to every little new Quest feature - and break those people’s Quests who did not update fast enough.
It’s more the other way round, if a firmware update really breaks something then the app needs to be adapted to it to not lock out some people from playing (while of course, preserve backwards compatibility as far as possible). Can’t recall any such case though since release.
Also, lookin at release notes latest changes either got nothing to do with apps, as normal in firmware updates, nor can I see how the few who might, might possibly affect Orbus…

And again if they did you’d figure once starting the game, theorizing bout it is not needed (except that looking those things up is a welcome distraction from work, for me :smiley: ) .

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