OrbusVR Reborn API?

Is there an API that I can get access to? I know there are a couple of endpoints available for public users which gives decent information, but I was hoping to build a pretty great app users can enjoy when playing Orbus. I feel like this could not only help the game out with users continuously playing since it could provide some helpful guides and insight, but also expand the user base too. I know for one I always use something like Dododex when playing Ark Survival… even though I know this doesn’t need to use an API or anything, but it would be helpful to gain insights on fellowship records like raids completed (normal and hard) and if they were successful in that raid and whatnot.

Any information on this would be helpful! I know Potato has been helping gather some of the endpoints available to us. Hoping one of the Orbus devs could fill in some blanks here! @Jake_E or @Outlander_Robert :slight_smile: Thank you!