OrbusVR Reborn Trading Idea

My inventory has been filling up with common (green) and rare (blue) gear really often as a level 30 Ranger. I was wondering if I could give the extra gear to my friends instead of scrapping it, but it’s all soul bound. I think it would be awesome if common, rare, and maybe even epic level gear (but not legendary) could be traded. It would be near pointless for players without a high enough level to buy this gear since it’s too high a level and doesn’t provide stats until they reach a certain level, but it would reduce the need for higher level players to grind for a certain piece of armor if they could instead buy it from other players.

For example, I have a level 19 Mage that has level 12 armor, but a level 19 wand. I would like to be able to borrow some of my friend’s extra level 15 mage armor instead of grinding dungeons for a new robe and hat.

Sincerely, WestTwin

Actually epic gear can be traded, and certainly legendaries also, which is a big incentive for those having all legendaries already to continue do highest content to roll for others. All shard-gear is tradeable… so you should really start with shards, now that you are level 30.

Blues and greens from normal dungeons people overlevel so quickly that a trade option does not seem necessary. Except for those collectors farming transmogs in lvl 30 dungeons (and here it woud actually help if gold/silver foil could be traded).
But for just having a stats/quality improvement, once you hit 30 all the blues and greens are rather worthless, so other than for transmog farmers there is no real need.

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Just a quick note, that gear can be traded, but only between people in that instance of the dungeon, and once you leave the dungeon it’s no longer tradable

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