OrbusVR Stress Test: October 8th 7-9PM CST -- Are you coming?

We’ll be holding our first stress test for the game from 7PM Central Time to 9PM Central Time on Saturday, October 8th.

You can find out more information on what the test will include, as well as a cool teaser trailer, on the blog: http://blog.orbusvr.com/orbus-vr-teaser-trailer-stress-test-information

In the mean time, if you are planning to participate in the stress test, please post here and let us know so we have some idea of how many people to prepare for.

We’ll start a new thread when the test gets closer for bug reports and feedback during the actual test.



Looking forward to giving it a go.

I would love to participate :smiley:

I’m up to participate!

I’ll definitely be giving it a go and streaming it to my friends who don’t have vr

I may or may not be home I just realized it`s saturday 8pm my time.

I’ll be attending! I might not be on exactly at the start time, but I’ll arrive as soon as i can.

No worries! I figure it will be a “drop in drop out” sort of deal anyway. There is probably enough content to keep you occupied for an hour or so but I’m not sure about the full two :slight_smile:

#Hype, will be there

yep, i’m gonna be giving it a try as well. i’m looking forward to it as weel

It’s my birthday but should be able to log on for an hour or so.

As a programmer myself it is understandable that getting things tested properly is great, so i will participate too.
Ouch its 2-4 in the morning for us europeans. I guess il be on another time :)!

Iam gonna participate :slight_smile:

Will be there, let’s see how these servers handle it.

I will be attempting to get on at the alloted time!

I will make the attempt to be on.

Thanks everyone who’s replied so far! Our goal is to get 30 people online at the same time…I think we have a shot at making it happen! :slight_smile:

count me in! (why is there a character limit?) D:

I’ll be there for sure, been following the newsletter since june.

Been something I’ve been following for the last few months. Love the idea of a VR MMO, maybe this is the one I actually can stick with? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to trying the Alpha, seems the game is coming along nicely :smiley: