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Hello Everyone my friends and I have been discussing purchasing this game for awhile now there are 4 of us… we have watched endless videos over this game and looking up info religiously. It has been amazing checking it out but as of now I have a couple suggestions…
1- ( this may already be done) a beautiful star sky at night time… nothing makes a it feel more real than a view.
2- Cooking! Having an oven and cooking food much like the way the potions work with ingredients and stuff that makes things with more HP fill would be amazing!
3- and lastly would be the hardest thing…graphics update… :confused: I know that’s a big thing to do especially if I say graphics like no mans sky on the world where it’s breathtaking…that may take a long time and I get that… but is anyone else out there along with this??

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Concerning #3, have you looked at Orbus Reborn? And slightly for #1 as well; I can’t remember how bright or vivid stars were but there’s a big pretty moon at night.



I love the game I truly do I just see how it could be amazing and I have watched reborn and it’s getting close it really is, cooking would be sweet, and if you could send a picture of the new sky that would be awesome!

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I don’t have any on hand, sorry! The beta test was last weekend and the next one will be in about a month from now I believe?


Here are two screenshots from the sky in reborn


And my last idea that I think Orbus should do is when an enemy dies I’ve seen them fall over but then just despawn…maybe make them do an SAO explosion type of disappear? Like as if their code is deleted ??

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