Ores and herbs spawn on unreachable landscape


many times Nahomium ores spawning at unreachable points in the game. maybe some other ores or herbs have the same issue.

Could you fix this bugs in OrbusVR or try to don’t implementate the same bugs in OrbusVR: Reborn?


It is not a bug, these are spawning on an invisible platform you can only see and access after drinking an Ithecac potion. There are some places accessible via Ithecac where you find potion recipes, this area is not very interesting, though.


it’s still unintended, resources shouldn’t be spawning there


As @Metris_Marshmallow said, they are not unreachable. Chug them potions and explore! All is not as it seems.


Same for the jungle near the Coconuts and Tall grass there is a spot on the edge of the mountain where Coconut, Linstanium and Grathorp can spawn but you will never be able to reach it. (up high on the mountain)

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