Our Feedback / Suggestions

Just wanted to make a thread with a few of our findings and suggestions. Sorry if its already mentioned, I didn’t scan through all the threads.

First of all, love the game even in this form. Thanks for taking the time for making this!

Feedback February 2017 pre-alpha test

  • Important announcements It took us an hour to find out that there was a new client that would fix the crashes. It would be great to have some kind of announcement system in-game that announces that we can download a new client. Or maybe at the login screen (the latter is probably better).

  • You guys probably already knew, but a lot of loot was bugged and couldn’t be picked up.


  • Ability to check the symbols of the mage spells in-game. I didn’t play the mage at all, because I couldn’t bother taking my headset off :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Ability to talk to people in the same party, even at a long distance, because when we die, it’s so hard to find your party back. Not sure how that could be implemented without making it seem like you’re talking to yourself.

  • Joystick/trackpad locomotion is great! But using this makes you slower than the teleporters. Would be great if it would be about the same speed.

  • You guys are probably already working on the faces of the characters, but it would also be great to have some kind of sign to see who is talking at the moment. So when there are a lot of people together, it would be great to see which one of the characters are talking at the moment (so we know what his name is).


Thanks for the feedback! Noted.

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