Over leveling points

Once you max all of the over leveling areas in your player house there is no motivation to continue. I personally have over 500 unused points and counting. I believe I’m currently ranked #3 on the Leaders for “Levels past 30 gained”. Can the devs creat a second tier for those who have already maxed out their over leveling attributes? Speed and Regen would be awesome to have boosted with over leveling points, but it should only be unlocked once the first tier has been maxed out. I’m confident if players saw a new icon for speed and regen under a players name it would motivate them to over level.

Just a suggestion.


I could also see an “Overlevel Shop” where you can spend points to buy things. Dyes, mounts, transmogs, aesthetic tools… Would provide an alternative incentive to gathering points and will allow those who have maxed everything out to use them.


This is a great idea.

You know what else is a great idea? Giving people the ability to delete chests instead of being forced to unpack and then delete all the contents. Honestly, I’d over level more to round out some perks. But even then, Its a hassle just to delete all of it so I can turn in a couple more. Without clutter or being over encumbered.

Also food for thought.


i dont think regeneration or more speed would be good at all, would affect pvp and pve waaay too much, maybe overlevel points for transmogs or cosmetics would be a better option and they would either be very expensive or only purchasable after maxing out the overleveling board.


I actually have mixed feelings on how to use those overleveling Perk Points. While I fancy new perks and an OL shop a lot, with new transmogs and dyes, players that have hundreds of unused points would still have them there, and they’d keep on getting points that would remain unused.
I thought that, along with new transmogs, mounts and other permanent items (buying abilities like autodestroy chests would be a dream coming true) we could have consumable items. New dyes as mentioned, and… why not think about a new type of bomb?
Would you guys even imagine that shop being the unused space in Hulthine’s Basin, only unlocked after a quest?
Consumables would make PP usage endless.


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