Overworld Drops Suggestion


I know its a Lucky Drop and it should be like win a Lottery, BUT everytime i see a „new“ Player with Cat Ears or another Drop, just started and got lucky, it feels unrewarded for that amount (for example) im playing or all my friends.

I would suggest to increase the chance to get it, not increase it infinite, but just a bit, for like players who played 1000h or 1500h

Also would suggest that you just can get it at all, when you played like 20h or reached Lv30 on one class.


I mostly want to see this happening. Makes sense that someone who has barely played the game should not get something that valuable on accident.

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I agree with you here.

But not here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I don’t have one either, and really want one. That said, we will all eventually get them. Just a matter of time, presuming they don’t do something horribly cruel like taking it out of the game.


As a new player that ended up getting the demon wings this made me actively feel more involved in the game. I did have a choice to sell or use and I ended up using I have seen at least 3 others with other types of legendary in my now 1 week playing. I imagine it will continue to rise and more people would be selling, although what does money get us?

Also its just looks although I know that is the main focus for many.


I don’t think so the game is few weeks old already and I know not one person who got anything, not even those spending almost all day ingame. One time I met a guy in a dungeon, but that’s it (I am seriously not sure if I would wear those wings, they are not sooo errr pretty and neither I desire cat-ears :smiley: … the pet is cool tho).

So yea, the droprate could sure be bit higher so those who are collectors can at least find them on the market.
As for restrictions for new players, at first I didn’t think that to be a good idea… if anything, then there should be a BIG RED WARNING that the drop looses trade-ability when being put on. If someone is new to the game he might need the real high dram sums veterans pay for that stuff, it gives him huge advantages to catch-up on the endgame content.

What makes me worry a bit, though, is the question “although what does money get us…” … well it saves you hours of fishing and farming IF you arrive at the endgame where potions are needed. If not, nvm, it is of not much use; and thinking that over I think getting it at level 20+ or even 30+ is not the worst idea, simply because people likely put it on for decoration who got no clue yet of its worth for their later game.


I’m grinding away
Several hours without pay
Killing hundreds of pray
Yet no loot till this day!

I’m sure it will drop at some point… maybe.


Even something like making the roll happen once every 30 seconds instead of once every minute, with a lower chance of winning, would be a good change. It would reward people who can kill something once every 30 seconds (even beginner players should be able to pull this off), and in particular reward those who continue grinding for drops without pausing or focusing on other things intermittently. It still keeps the same idea of not rewaring people who farm the weakest mobs in the game as quickly as possible to get the most kills per minute.

^EDIT: I’m bad, just was thinking about DPS classes.

Something with an increased drop chance through the upcoming GRINDING machine would be cool too.


Rip paladins

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But not Musketeers, specially if the mob is same level or higher :rofl:


You guys should join forces and instead kill 20 somethings every minute. Edit: musky gravity + poison + weakness, paladin doing paladin things. Lay waste to the horde.

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A nap sounds like a lot less work :sleeping:


i kill a lot of mobs but evertime i get a purple drop think something good but it was a rotten finger


Overworld drops come in yellow bags anyway, lol


At least you get a drop Everytime I get a drop that little shit of a pet steals it


my cuite mouse dragon picks it up but its a rotten finger or gear would be nice to increase the prcantage of the overworld drops


That is sooo bad yeap. Rotten Fingers need to be nerfed!

As a musky main, 1minute-frequency is almost perfect for me, that is how long it takes me to heal errr poison mobs to death :smiley: (or actually longer. I really should log that one time.)


Yaaaa right my dragon also eats my bags like cookies!!


that was beautiful


almost to 10000 loot bags and still dont have one :sleepy: