Overworld loot drops


I heard a rumor that you must have pvp enabled to get overword loot, is this true? if so I wish I knew about that, I would have been playing this game way more then I have been.


im talking about the overworld cat ears, pet in the bottle… those loots


No, this isn’t a thing

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rickness have you or anyone you know got one of these drops with pvp disabled?


Yes, I did see a little level 3 sprout get one at a event at highstep. No pvp


Is that a serious question? Forum would be full of threads if the only legendary drops are locked to pvp, locking out 80% of the playerbase from them, likely… also see patchnotes and existing threads on them. Also how would you play the game more you’re in 24/7 either way :smiley: So if that’s supposed to be a disguised suggestion (there could be pvp-only drops, why not, but for sure not ALL existing legendaries in the game that would be catering to the smaller part of playerbase…) then there’s also a category for that.


you can also watch master_shadow get one on his stream without pvp enabled:


No need to reply in a smart jerky comment lol it was a confusion he had and it was corrected.