Ox- My 3 Hours With Orbus

Hey there everyone! I’ve been following this game for a while now (since before I even got a vr) and I finally got to get my hands on it, and play in this last round of Alpha. I sadly missed the last couple from not watching the date close enough hahah.

Anyway this was my overall experience, I hope it helps.

When I first entered the game it was a little rough, getting use to the controls and learning how to properly fight. Loading long range weapons was easy enough to understand but perhaps in the player journal there could be an “abilities” page that would give both description and direction on how to use them.

From here I set out to quest for the Great Stag, I stumbled down the mountain and loaded into a quaint little town littered with people and npc alike. I really liked the interface for talking to NPCs it works really well on my end. I picked up a couple more quests from in town and explored the outer rim. I chose the Sword and Shield as my weapons of choice and began searching for things to slaughter!

The red rodents were everywhere, finding one was not hard at all. The fighting dynamic was great but a couple things could help make it better. I’ve noticed that once a battle has started (You go to enemy, enemy goes to you) that locomotion stops working and you have to use the teleport function. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or not but I think it’d be nice to have it, at least at a slower rate of movement. Secondly, this could of been latency or a bug, but during combat at times it would seem that my swings would not register on the creature at all. But overall when it was working lag/bug free it was incredibly enjoyable.

Other than that I think this is an incredible game, I’m glad I bought into it when I did(A lot of it coming from me being an SAO fan for years now haha)

A few things that I think are minor and would be nice to see.

-A toggle to talk button for the mic, or a mic sensitivity setting.

-Maybe an item finder for minor materials. (I spent like 20 minutes for Reedflute XD couldnt find it)

-A map or sorts, maybe through the journal

-In depth leveling (Not really a minor thing)

-Possible voice acting for NPC (at least important quests)

-BACKGROUND NOISE! this is kind of a big one for me, it seemed too quiet. Birds, flowing water, maybe some light music. Needs a little something.

That’s all for now, this is my two cents on my time here so far. Really wish I could have tried the magic out, but there’s always next time! Hope to see you all back there again very soon!


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