Paladin Health Issue

Every time I switch to paladin, the health bar is less than half. This has been happening the last few days. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a glitch?

When you change classes, it doesn’t update your current health, so switching from say, Runemage, to Paladin will make it seem like you’ve taken a large amount of damage, but in reality it’s because Paladin has a much higher max health.

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There’s a few reasons this could be happening.

Is your paladin level higher than what you’re switching from?

Are you swapping from one hand to another for your weapon (like ranger to paladin)?

Both of those will cause you to not be at max health

My paladin is at level 30. All others are below that. I haven’t had any issues with switching hands. Most of the time I am switching from mage (level 18) or from Musketeer (level 21). So once I get the others up to level 30 it should stop. Cool. Thank you.