Paladin problems that Warrior doesn't have

I thought I list a few things where the Paladin as tank is lacking where the Warrior is not. And in my opinion should be considered being not the case:

  • When a Warrior dies and gets resurrected again it will start instantly with his horn back and at-least a bit of shield back fast. This makes it possible to get back on top of the aggro table very fast. However when a Paladin dies and gets resurrected it start with everything on cooldown, including the equivalent book of the horn. Thus rezzing a paladin is almost always a no-go. Because he will be useless for a very long time.
  • Paladin unbending is still not working. I went again and gave it the benefit of the doubt of my previous test and went to a boss that does a lot of damage to make really sure unbending doesn’t work. Again confirming unbending doesn’t work :expressionless:
  • When problems arise (bosses getting stacks, bosses tuned too strong, healer died) a warrior can slow down a target and run away from them. A paladin can run away and kite too up until an extend but it is a lot less smooth and less reliable. Having a possibility to slow a target would make the paladin have that advantage too.

More of a quality of a life improvement:

  • There is no indication that the Paladin used its taunt book. I get constant remarks of annoyance mainly for another tank that not knowing when a taunt (horn book) has been used is really making things harder.

Paladin unbending wont work, because we take dammaged twice on big hits.
The orbs filling up counts as one, and damage after orbs are full count as one.

I am making sure I never have full orbs when I die. So that can not be it. And the hit that kills me also doesn’t give me 5+ orbs for sure…

If what you say is also true that might be a second way pally dies with unbending if they fix the first cause. So devs watch for that too when fixing it…

Edit: Or do you mean when orbs are “filled” not when orbs are “full”? So the bug is that a pally get double hit on every hit? Once for filling orbs. And once for the added damage?

Yes that is my experience.
Every hit that fills one orb will damage you twice

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Okay so you found the cause of the bug :+1:

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As far as I know they already know this? Played around with it a bit after @Kamina started question me if I ever unbended. Guessed the cause, reported, and switched to bleed ages ago.

I question if the right dev knows who can (and will) actually fix it. (but lets hope they do)

We’ll take a look and see what’s up with that. That could certainly explain why only paladin is affected. Thanks for the heads up!


Like to bump this and say how as a healer I never know when the paladin has used his heal book or when its down. And when it is used apart from a sudden heal there’s no sound or other visual indicator. Would be great to have something so i know when to heal or save things.


Agreed, I am constantly wasting heals on Paladins because we get no visual or audio feedback. With a warrior I get TONS of feed back. The Blue shield goes red, the horn makes noise. The paladin gets nothing to help support help them.

when doing hardmode bosses i was cruelly forced into Meowing everytime i used my taunt for the pleasure of the rest of the party. dont encourage these horrifiying acts, please help the paladin


I agree fully for that. On musket you can watch the hp of the tank better. With bard its hard to focus on that and all the other things you have to do. Without an indicator of when they use their heal you can’t reliably teach new healers about how to heal without being comfortable with that particular paladins play style.

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