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I just have a question on how pallies take damage, when do you get the charges from taking damage? Do you get the charges before or after you take damage? The reason I am asking this is because some bosses are doing a crazy amount of damage to me compared to others. So when I use my tank buster move and it gives me 2 charges and then the boss hits me giving me 3 charges putting me at 5. Is that hit doing 50% more damage? Or is it just if I get hit after that? Also some times the boss will give me 4 charges for a single hit, if I use my tank buster and then I get 4 charges does it just cap out at 5 or is a portion of that damage going to be 50% more?


I’m very curious on this myself. It feels like a lot of times a boss will fill the charges on a particular hit and you seem to take full damage. Rather than taking the mitigated damage you expected due to not being full of charges before the hit. This is particularly noticeable on Airship Boss 1. I could be wrong and I hope the game is checking for the state of the charges when the hit occurs and mitigates based on that.

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As damage is done to the Paladin, it basically goes through a “filter”. The filter will absorb up to X% of incoming damage (currently 40%). So right off the bat, 60% of damage is going through.

Then for that 40%, it will attempt to use that damage to fill up globes. If all of the damage fits into the available empty globes, it all gets absorbed. If the globes are already full, or if say half the damage fills up all the globes, the damage that was not “put into a globe” is passed through.

The tankbuster protection is applied at the very end after it’s determined how much damage is going to pass through. So it doesn’t really affect how much of a charge you get from an attack, it just further reduces how much damage you actually take.


That explains why Paladins get destroyed by the tank buster. Raise hammer to mitigate damage (filling charges) then charges are instantly filled on the hit and the paladin takes full damage.

Most of the time my problem is when I’m running from the poison and I can’t drop all my orbs in time for the long distance tank buster.

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Yeah that’s why I don’t really know what to do for the first boss in crypt, if I don’t use the tank buster I take a crazy amount of damage and if I do use it I go to full stacks on the hit. Probably beyond since I think it gives me 4 charges for that attack


This definitely does explain why paladin is getting hammered.

If you consider a 100% damage hit, paladin probably has 2-3 orbs on (0-1 just because, plus 2 for hammer raise), so they get (prior to anti tankbuster):
60% health damaged base, plus 30% or 25% (assuming that the leftover 2-3 orbs will halve 10% apiece, which I definitely don’t have real numbers on), for a total of 90% hit.
Now apply the anti tankbuster and you drop what, half overall? Still 45% of your health and that’s assuming the tankbuster was not overkill on baseline health (it definitely is, given the damage).


The minimum damage that the tank buster mitigation will absorb is 50% of the incoming damage. As I said, it’s after everything else has occurred. So even if you had 100% full orbs and took a hit, it would still be reduced to 50% if it was during the tank buster window. If you have available orbs on top of that, then you can absorb more than 50%.


Just so I understand this correctly if I take a hit for 100,000 damage (just using this number to make it easy), 60,000 damage is not mitigated and the remaining 40,000 goes through the filter. So if I use my tank buster move and it gives me 2 charges and tank buster gives me 4, it is safe to say that each charge absorbed 10,000 damage. So i mitigate 30,000 damage and since this puts me at 5 orbs the remaining damage gets a 50% buff to it, so 10,000 becomes 15,000. So you add the 15,000 to the 60,000 and get 75,000 and then you split that in half for the tank buster move ending up with 37,500 hit? Is that how it works?


I think the exact numbers as of right now would be

100,000, 40,000 into filter

3 available orbs, each absorb around 8% of your maximum health, so for ease let’s say your maximum health is also 100,000, then those would absorbe 24,000. That means 16,000 makes it through filter.

16,000 + 60,000 (which didn’t get filtered) = 76,000, which is then reduced by 50% due to Tank Buster move, so total damage taken would be 38,000 (out of your total 100,000 health pool).

I think the main question remaining to be answered here is, how much of your health pool is a 800 potency attack (which is what the tankbuster is). I’ll have to go do some math on that one, but my guess is in a normal or low-level shard it would be fine, but it’s possible in a high-level shard with the scaling applied an 800 potency attack is just too much damage and that’s where the problem could come into play. But I will have to run the numbers on that when I get a chance and see.

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Ok so does that remaining 16,000 damage get a 50% buff though since if pallies are at 5 orb stacks we take 50% increased damage. This situation starts if I am at 0 charges but what if I have 1 or 2 and then I use my tank buster move and then get hit by the boss buster, does the hit count as if I wasn’t at 5 stacks or does some of the damage count towards me being at 5 stacks is my question. Sry if this doesn’t make sense I am not the greatest at explaining things, also thank you for taking the time to explain this to me


There is no 50% increase in damage when your orbs are full, they are just full so any damage that goes into the “filter” just goes right through.

In this case the 16k is that part that just goes through and doesn’t get absorbed by orbs. You don’t then have to re-increase it by 50%.


Ok now I see, that’s where I was getting confused, in the journal is says pallies take 50% reduced damage unless all the globes are filled, I just figured that was a flat 50% damage reduction, so that only means that the orbs are eating some of the damage

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