Paladin Shard Bug


A little bit ago, I was tanking a shard (airship) on the last boss. Every shotgun, I ended up taking to the face. I took no damage whatsoever and I was not de synced. Since then, it has happened on at least 5 different occasions. Any idea what’s going on here?


well it seems you have an issue dodging bolts


Obviously you have reading issues. I said I did not take any damage.


A tip is that when you see him charging up his shotgun attack, you move.


Yeah I get that, that isn’t the point. I wasn’t taking any damage any time he did it and I wasn’t shielding. Before you respond read the whole thing.


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Well this is to get help, not off topic crap like this.


Did u raise ur left hand to either salute your overlord or to try and get the boss to pick on ur to answer a question?


You can replicate this?


I did not raise my hand or anything. No healer shield, nothing. It was like I was a dead body.


Yes and no. It has been happening but whenever I try I just get torn to bits.


Not sure if it’s related or not, but tonight in hard mode boss 5 I got hit a few different times with my shield down (but still in front of me) and did not take damage.


That can be:
Warrior horn of other warrior gave you temporarily a shield.

A musky shield.

Or the not that uncommon warrior bug that shows a broken shield while it is actually already back. You should notice the difference because you hear your shield getting hit.


That is very related thank you. Were you warrior or paladin?


Yea I thought of all that too. My muskies were too preoccupied at the time and said they hadn’t sent me anything when I asked. I had just used my horn, because the shield hit timing was off. I was expecting to take a hit which I knew I could take one before it’d be an issue. It wasn’t giving me the hit sound, but it was certainly facing me. My fellow Warrior, whose shield was also down, was also not taking any damage. And my shield popped up at full health a few seconds later and I was able to take the full set of expected hits on it.


You’re just a goddess at tanking. That’s the only explanation I’ll accept