Paladin tile sets

What are some good tile sets for paladin? Right now I have a three set (power libram, charged strike, ground slam) but when I use it on a training dummy, it doesnt seem to be doing any more damage than normal. Am i getting something wrong here? Also, whats the difference between putting tile set in my armor as opposed to weapon? Can I put tile sets in both? Does that make a difference ?

Where you put the tiles doesn’t matter.

What do you mean power libram, charged strike, ground slam?

The tileset for that would be: ᛃᚢᚨ, is that the tileset you have?

It’ll make your next pips do more damage, and on a training dummy you’ll have to be able to charge right away because that tileset uses 4 pips.

I would recommend checking out the travellers hall wiki for recommended tilesets.

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yeah it is ᛃᚢᚨ, and takes 4 pips. but there are only 3 paladin tiles im aware of, so doesnt it have to be a combination of these three abilities ? also, where is this travelers hall wiki ?

if you swing your hammer at 5 per second even without pips you can run variations of incoming damage, healing, and 5 per second (every time you get hit you get 3 tile procs) then you can have 2 more tilesets for ground slamming. (you want to always attack at 5 per second because even if you don’t do pip damage you are still charging ult and ult gives a large amount of healing and therefore agro)

There are few tiles that have specific meaning for each class but all others go based on their general activation requirement

By the way this is an old beta thread type that should not be used, Reborn beta is from like 1-2 years ago