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Hello I from Spain. Im new here and I think that the paladin could equip diferents librams, that could be great. For example libram of ice, libram of dark, libram of ice, or something like that. Like the archer or the chaman has got diferent items to equip. The Paladin could have more items too. ty ^-^

by EiinGeeeL.

In spanish:

Hola yo de España. Soy nuevo aquí y sugiero que el paladín pueda equiparse diferentes librams, eso podría ser genial. Por ejemplo, libram de hielo, libram de oscuridad, libram de hielo, o algo así. Al igual que el arquero o el chamán tienen diferentes elementos para equipar. El Paladín también podría tener más artículos. Gracias! ^ - ^

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You know what, that would be cool.

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I think about it. The libram of ice could freeze the enemy. I suggest that exits too a libram of “dps” that make a bit of damage without charge your weapon. I dont know xd (?) ^-^

Book of ice for freezing. So the Paladin can freeze enemies if they lose aggro and regain it. Problem being that once a paladin losses aggro, they have a hard time regaining it.

Also, aggro is gained by taking damage too as a paladin, freezing will not be helpful in that case. Only used to help regain aggro.

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People also like to swing wildly, spending pips way too fast and waiting for the counter to regain pips. Simply can’t do that and expect to always have pips. Only way I loss all pips is by ground slam. However, I am not the best pally and can’t hold aggro all the way.

Paladins should defiantly be able to freeze, especially in pvp.

In Spanish:
Los paladines definitivamente deberían poder congelarse, especialmente en pvp.

In Chinese:
洛斯帕拉丁国防军deberíanpoder congelarse,特别是pvp。

In Dutch:
Paladins zouden zeker moeten kunnen bevriezen, vooral in pvp.

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If anyone thinks I’m kidding I’m not. This is a great idea, as long as the hammer through is disabled in pvp this would be an awesome trade. Just stop those paladins from being able to escape combat so easy.

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As someone who mains a Paladin, I agree. I do feel somewhat constricted in my options like a lot of classes can choose what they want, but the Paladin is stuck on a certain set and nothing else. Being the Tank role, I can barely do anything other than wait every 2 seconds to gain pips and then gain aggro. Also, can we increase the base damage of a non-pipped strike? Like lord is is so BAD. Just make it like how the warrior is. The mechanic is already there… full arc swings do better damage.

As a side, note: Tanks overall should get a small revamp. Warrior feels… out of place. While the DPS is somewhat better feeling (as a Tank), I do think both classes could use a bit more options. So far it’s just meh.

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Or the other option and my favorite: well timed strikes deliver higher damage per swing.

My thought: just have the lightning strike affect aggro only and have the base damage from the uncharged hammer be the same as lightning

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Yeah I feel the same bro. Paladin sometimes get a bit bored waiting… I love paladin but now Im lvl up my Ranger and is so funny, you always are doing things in combat!

Yes, that could be great. Btw Hello, I am EiinGeeeL. I saw you in game. ^-^

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Yea, I’d really like some new Librams to equip to better fit different styles. I do like the concept of the paladin and they can handle MUCH more aggro than the warrior since they have higher HP (I’m assuming) and the ability to self-heal. Plus they generate and hold aggro much better overall.

Besides the abysmal damage you get with a non-charged strike, I’d really like to see two things:
1: Different Librams to apply different buffs to party members. Paladins by nature in any other game are a tank/support role. They buff the party and take on much of the brunt of the attacks. As a side note. The current libram that buffs the party’s STR and INT, is negligible. It does not increase damage by that much. Sometimes by only 20-30 points of damage. It’s pretty much useless. Also, not every class benefits from it. I see that Runemages do NOT get a buff (damage raise) from it despite it raising INT; which, assuming they are INT-based class to begin with. Not knowing what stat classes use is another thing in itself, which I’ll make a post detailing a bunch of QoL suggestions to help everyone overall.

2: Other styles or ways to gain charges since that is whey they mainly focus on. Can’t think of anything else, but the main charge time for calling lightning is pretty bad. Maybe decrease the amount of damage needed to gain charged from 500 to 250 and/or decrease the time from 2 seconds to 1 second, since the Paladin focuses on holding aggro for a lot of enemies while receiving damage. Plus, his/her other abilities also rely on using charges. There are a lot of times that I can’t even kill enemies if I have to wait to gain charges to attack and THEN the enemy heals itself. It then becomes an ever revolving loop. That’s just horrible game design right there.

Warriors in general have a much easier time with aggro. Hits to the shield draw aggro, plus constant spam of Provoke. It’s fairly easy to pull aggro from most Paladins in the game. There’s really only one or two Paladins I trust to hold aggro.

Ah, I may be just partying with bad Warriors then. Even if that is the case and what you say is true, that even more validates my point about Paladins.

It depends. A warrior has a slight disadvantage in keeping aggro on a single non melee monster. Because it is not hitting their shield. A warrior has a huge disadvantage with multiple non melee monsters.

Other then that, warriors have a huge advantage over paladins on keeping aggro with any melee monster or boss. If they are playing the class right.

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