Parade Of Homes-- Developer Edition

With the Player House Customization patch rolling out tomorrow, the developer team wanted to show off how we’ve been decorating our house to make it feel more like our virtual home. Let us know which one you like the best, and tomorrow once the patch goes live I will unlock the thread here for players to show off their own homes. Looking forward to seeing how creative the community can get!

You can read more about the Player House Customization on our blog.

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Here’s the crafting room in my house, I used the hallway to show off the trophies and pictures and the main part to place everything else. I’ve been having trouble with my dragon breaking the glass on its terrarium and getting out so I patched up the holes with a little wood patches and now it seems to be keeping him in. Also if you notice in the Chaos Hunters hand, hes in charge of baby sitting my dragon when I’m away so he’s holding the Dragon Kennel.


Here is my new comfier basement!

Adding some windows made it feel more open, and I added some furniture and objects to have a cool study place. Just lots and lots of books to go through. :smiley:


Basements are supposed to be spooky, right?


Fun fact: Pet dragons really like Essence Trees!


Turned the back of my training room into a cozy nook for reading.


Who knew dragons liked to read.


A nice place to plan your next adventure.


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