PARTY OVER HERE! World Boss 3 Party on Saturday, Jan 19!



Hi Everyone,

Alphabet is hosting a World Boss 3 Party (Tradu World Boss) and would like to invite everyone!

It is recommended for level 20’s, but everyone is welcome to join us regardless of level (low level characters are most likely to die, but as long as you can hit the boss, you might be able to get a drop :wink: )

Where: Tradu Mines
When: Saturday, January 19, 2019 @ 1:30 PM PST / 4:30 PM EST / 9:30 PM GMT
Voice Comms: Alphabet Discord in the Public Party Chat channel ( 8)

If you haven’t done this before, please listen to J or Rickness giving out the instructions at the beginning of the party. If you have any song requests, please send Crazie a message and we’ll try to play it if it’s appropriate.

If anyone is not sure where the boss is, some of us will be in Highsteppe (front of player house) at 1:15 PM PST/ 9:15 PM GMT (15 minutes before the event starts) and we will portal from there!

If you are in Tradu and don’t see the party or boss, post a LFG world boss and we’ll invite you to the party so you can join.

Check out our websites: and (armory)
If you are interested in becoming an Alphabet member please check out our website and apply! Or hop on discord and do a shard run with us!

Hope you can make it! :tada:


Can’t wait to burn the rest of them tablets, Hopefully we get tons of ring drops!


I do not plan on joining the event but I have a few of the tablets. Would you care to use them for this event? If so, I will give them to someone in your guild for you to use. :grin:


i will make sure to be present at this party


They are not tradable, thanks for the offer though!


Damn. I’ll be at work. I really want to burn the rest of my tabs.


I will try to finish up work as fast as I can so I can make it to this. Already have the rings and cape, I just enjoy doing these world boss events. Plus I have a few fragments to use.

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