Patch 09/08/21 - General Fixes & Improvements

Hey everyone, in the patch going out around 12pm CST you’ll find the following improvements:

  • The red roofs in Highsteppe should now be darker and less saturated

  • Changed collisions near the player house to hopefully fix the issue some players had with falling through the floor when trying to enter the house

  • A fix for the Shaman orb fix, which should take care of the remaining issues with orbs spawning weirdly or not at all

  • A potential fix for the Fellowship Mute toggle - We changed the way this muting works, so please give it a try and let us know if it works for you now

  • The vendor discount Perk has been re-enabled after fixing an issue with it

  • A new notification to player if Vivox voice chat login fails, this is to help track down an issue some people were experiencing with voice chat not working at all either sending or receiving. Let us know if it pops up a lot for you

  • Citadel Token description typo fix

  • A potential fix for some players who were experiencing issues with the Chicken Run quest

  • Fixed z-fighting on the Quest town billboard



Vendor discount lives on!


Its been so long I forgot the vendor discount existed

I never forgot… Never…

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Patch and server should be live!